Apply powder with cushion for better use:

Everybody has seen those little cushions which have the powder in it with a little mirror. Most of the women carry it with themselves. Because with the help of them one can easily apply makeup on the face. And, it is the best thing for applying a little amount of makeup. Because if someone wants to do it by hand. Then it is possible that the powder can be applied more than it should be. And, it happened by mistake but when it is applied with the help of cushion then there is no chance for such things.

Just use them whenever someone needed to use it. And, get glowing skin in just two minutes. Also, there is a mirror in it so, one can see it if it is applied correctly or not. So, if anything bad happened or applied wrongly on the face. Then one can correct them by looking in the mirror.

The cushion must be soft

The most important thing is the cushion. And, it should be very soft so, that when applied skin doesn’t get any rashes. Just use them and have better skin in just two minutes. And, for that one can use the Cushion Peripera [คุ ชั่ peripera, which is the term in Thai]. It is the best product and one can use them without having any problem with the skin. And, the best part it will be like new even after using it multiple times.

Easy to use

It is very easy to use and people can use them without the help of any beautician. Just carry one of them in the handbag. And apply them whenever it is needed and get the glowing skin in just 2 minutes without any problem. Even at an affordable price.


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