Odor Removal Service Portland Oregon

Odor, no matter its source is most appalling and generally unbearable. It is known to be a major turnoff and humans usually dissociate themselves with places that stink. Dealing with odor can be tough. You may not be able to trace its source and sometimes even if you do, you may not be able to […]

Importance of Getting Trauma Cleaning Services Glendale Arizona

There are a lot of events that could be classified as trauma. It could be on the basis of personal opinions. One could classify a hot day or visiting the beach without sunscreen as a traumatic experience. However, in this context and with respect to cleaning services, a traumatic experience could span from an unattended […]

Reasons Why You Should Employ Professional Suicide Cleanup Service

The thought of a loved one taking his own life is one that no one wants to entertain, but sadly though, situations where deaths are attributed to be suicides are on the rise in these current times. It is hard enough for families to deal with suicidal losses but then life throws more at them […]

What Does Death Cleanup Really Entail?

  The term “death cleanup” does already suggest a meaning – a cleanup that is done after a death occurs – but what does it really mean? First of all, the term death cleanup shouldn’t be mistaken for “death cleaning” which is an activity that is actually carried out by a person who feels his […]

What You Didn’t Know About Unattended Death Cleanup Detroit Michigan

The term “unattended death” offers an explanation of itself just by the name alone. Many therefore understand that it means a situation whereby someone dies when there has been no one looking after him or her for a significant period of time. It thus follows that even after death; the body might still go unnoticed […]

Understanding the Processes of Suicide Scene Cleanup Service

In earlier times, cleaning up a crime or a death scene or the act of rendering suicide scene cleanup service is one that can be carried out by just anybody, competent or not. There was little knowledge of how much risk such actions opened the cleaners to and as such, diseases were unknowingly transmitted from […]

Challenges Involved in Homicide Cleanup Service

There is this general perception that crime scenes have no major challenges, unlike other businesses. That’s entirely false. The crime scene industry is fraught with a great number of risks. Although experts in homicide cleanup service have the skills and experience in dealing with biohazards and blood pathogens found at the scene of the unthinkable […]