How Much Do You Really Know about Poppers?

Poppers are still big all over the world, with people of all ages, in a whole range of countries using them on a regular basis to seek effects such as an intense head-rush and muscle relaxation. These people have one thing in common… They all believe that they know everything that there is to know about poppers, including how they are used, and their history! However, when you really do your research, there is so much more to poppers than people originally anticipate, and that it what we are here today – To share a range of poppers facts, allowing people to increase their poppers knowledge and to use it to their advantage.

Keep on reading to enhance your poppers knowledge today:

Poppers Facts

  • Poppers is the slang term given to a range of psychoactive drugs called alkyl nitrates (particularly, the inhalant drug amyl nitrate)
  • Poppers are widely used as recreational drugs and are typically taken as fumes inhaled directly from small bottles
  • Inhaling poppers helps to relax the muscles which can be advantageous for numerous reasons, especially within the gay community where relaxing the sphincter allows for easier access
  • Poppers first came popular alongside the rise of the gay scene in the 60s and have since been used to enhance sex for both men and women!
  • Some people take poppers recreationally to receive an intense head rush, which is otherwise only available from illegal drugs. Poppers are often directly inhaled from their small magically bottles on nights out and at raves
  • It is legal to buy poppers online, with many online suppliers now offering leading poppers brands at extremely competitive prices, as well as offering quick and private delivery
  • Some of the best poppers brands, that have been around for a long time, and are only improving, include English Poppers, Purple Haze Poppers, Liquid Gold Poppers, TNT Poppers and Hardcore Poppers, however there are many more available
  • Poppers are almost always cheaper when bought in bulk, so if you are an avid poppers user or are just getting started it can often be beneficial to order a few bottles at the same time
  • Poppers can be dangerous when not used in accordance to their instructions, therefore whenever you get a new bottle of poppers you should take time to read any information that comes with them
  • There are many ways in which you can reduce the chances of your poppers causing any harm, including but not limited to always ensuring that caps are tightly screwed on and storing them in cool dark places away from children

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