Matthew Davies Stockton Examines How to Make Your YouTube Channel Stand Out from The Crowd


YouTube is an ever-expanding endless ocean of content made from drops of videos synthesized by millions of creators every day. According to Matthew Davies Stockton, standing out in this competition can be really tough. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can rank higher by standing out from the crowd:

 The Ways

  1. Land the thumbnail – Thumbnail is the first thing that any viewer notices about your video on their subscription, trending, recommended feed, or on your channel. It has to be really attractive and catchy enough to make the viewer click on your video. The first thing you can do to make your thumbnails attractive is basic science. 

Make the backdrop of your thumbnail bright to make the subject pop out. The next thing you can do is add large bold texts that tease some vital information about the video. Finally, if necessary, you can make yourself or rather a wacky facial expression of yours the subject of the thumbnail. It may be an expression of surprise, anger, sorrow, or anything else. Just make it large enough so that your facial expression is clearly visible. 

  1. Let your brand speak – There are a few creators who have a way with editing. Even if you see their video on a different channel, platform, or somewhere else, you know it’s that creator even if there is no brand logo or the creator himself in that video. You need to make a strong brand for yourself with unique editing. 

Your intros, graphics, narration, sound effects need to have a signature that is followed throughout all your videos. An easy way to start this is to use the same font and color on all your videos. Your audience becomes familiar and people who plagiarize your style are immediately called out.

  1. Consistent Description – Your description is probably the last thing that your audience sees. However, that doesn’t make it inconsequential. You need to be consistent with the style of your description and keep it similar on all your videos so that your audience gets used to it. 

If you are a tech channel or anyone with sponsorships and affiliate links, a description with a consistent style will help your audience easily spot those links. They can click on the links quickly and get back to your video so that your sponsors are happy and watch time keeps the YouTube algorithm happy to push your videos to more people. 

  1. Leverage other social media platforms – The best way to increase the reach of your YouTube videos is to get off of YouTube. Curate your YouTube video with respect to the platforms to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel. For instance, when you promote your video on Twitter, make use of large images and snippets of your video with a link that redirects people to your YouTube video.


Matthew Davies Stockton suggests that you use the above tips to make your YouTube channel stand out from the rest of the crowd. Moreover, remember that content is king. So, all of the auxiliary efforts aren’t going to work if your content isn’t tight and doesn’t pack a punch.


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