Timber decking Leeds, An Insight on the Materials and Maintenance

Decking - Choosing the Right Material for Your Home

Do you wish to enjoy some peaceful quiet time with your family or by yourself? Consider installing timber decking in Leeds. Nothing can beat timber decking.

There are good-quality timbers, an ideal choice for decking. Regular sweeping is a must, while cleaning your deck areas once in six months or annually is essential. It is because you can fix minor damages.

Decking materials

Timber decking Leeds includes environmentally friendly materials. There are durable hardwoods and other varieties.

  • Merbau is highly popular for decking. It is durable, strong, and resistant. It is the right option for areas featuring extreme weather. It attributes to naturally occurring oils that ensure durability.   It is ideal for near the beach houses as it puts up with saltwater exposure.   Merbau lasts for over 40 years with proper care and this timber decking Leeds very little maintenance.    
  • Clear pine is a versatile decking timber.   It is softer and has a light base. A treated clear pine increases durability and resists decay, making it a cost-effective option.          
  • Jarrah is a durable and strong timber. It is deep red color complementing any house style. It is naturally resistant to termites, does not rot, and is good even in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Kapur is also one of the best timber decking in Leeds known for its durability.  It is a strong wood that is resistant to sun and rain, that even when left for a longer time outdoors, it does not rot. It needs you to be attentive as it is not termite resistant.   It offers the typical timber look.
  • Modwood is versatile as it is available in extensive colors to suit any setting. It is environmentally friendly made of plastic composite and unique wood. It is ideal for families with pets and small children as it is splinters-free.               


Timber deck calls for a big investment, and so considering proper steps is essential to maintain it.

  • Cleaning your timber decking in Leeds once a year thoroughly is mandatory.
  • Apply the deck cleaning solution to kill the mould and bacteria in the wood.
  • Rinse using a garden hose to clean, ensure there is the proper water pressure and not high-pressure.
  • Sweep the decking regularly and immediately fix minor damages.


  • Timber offers a natural look. It has a natural warmth that is not achievable in any other decking option.
  • Timber decking Leeds that is pressure-treated wood such as cedar and redwood are in low labor costs. It is also easy to cut and shape.
  • Another cheaper alternative is the hardwood decking that needs less maintenance.

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