What are video slots and progressive slots?

Online slots, an overview

You would have played slot machine games in the physical casinos in your locality in the past. In recent days, it is not mandatory to go out in search of a physical casino to play your favorite slot games. You can easily play slot machine games online using various online gambling websites that are on the rise around the world. More new players are signing up on these websites to play casino games and win real money. Since slot games are easy to understand and play, most of the casino houses are including them in their game sets to attract more players. As it is easy to play the simplest game with the ease of sitting in their homes, a lot of players are coming into the industry by depositing real money. Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are seeing a great increase in the demand for online casinos. It is very easy to sign up for a slot online Indonesia website to start your gaming right away. Among the various types of slot machine games, the three most basic forms are as below,

  • Reel slot games
  • Video slot games
  • Progressive slot games

Since reel slot games are more popular and everyone would know about them, we will discuss the other two variations of the slot games in brief in this article. 

Video slot machine games

Video slots are the computerized versions of the traditional fruit machine slots in the physical casinos. But the old-school slot machines had three reels and one pay line where the new games have five reels with several pay lines. The chances of winning will be low compared to the conventional slots since there are hundreds of pay lines and symbols. The symbols will reflect some themes like comic characters, movie storyline, historical characters, etc. There will be more free spins and bonuses during video slot games.

  • Objective – To choose a winning combination of symbols on which the selected pay line will fall after the reels stop spinning.
  • Gameplay – The game will open with a short, animated story explaining the theme. You should then select the symbols and pay lines you feel will end up connected. Once you click on the spin button, the reels will start to spin. In the end, the pay lines will fall connecting various symbols, and if the pay line chosen by you falls on the selected characters, they will be highlighted. If the guess is right, you win. 

Progressive slot games

Progressive slot machines are similar to that of any other video slots or reel slots. But in a Progressive slot game, the jackpot will be increasing. There will be many slot machines connected to the house. Every time a player joins with a bet on any of these machines, a part of his bet amount will get added on to the jackpot, thus increasing the size of it. The player who wins the game at once will take all the money. 


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