What Could You Do With Old Pallet Racks?

When a business ceasesto trade or else goes into liquidation, the issue of disposing stock and assets becomes an important one. While it is easy enough to get rid of surplus stock (depending on the nature of the stock), it is not so easy to get rid of fixtures and fittings. For example, if you were in this unfortunate position and were a business that stocked products in a warehouse, you might find a buyer for your stock, but what about your pallet racking or other racking systems?

There are some companies that do supply used pallet shelves and racks to customers. But if you cannot find a buyer for your old racks, could you put these old shelves to good use? Oregon-based Speedrack West, a specialist in pallet racking systems, says there are some intriguing uses that may pique people’s interest.

Bunk Beds

Yes, believe it or notyou could actually transform old pallet racks into a quirky set of bunk beds (but would you really want to?). The benefit of bunk beds made from pallet racking is that they would be extremely strong and sturdy and would be capable of holding more weight than your standard store-bought set. However, to be fair,we are not so sure how aesthetically pleasing they would look though.

But in caseyou think we are making this up, there are in fact some budget dormitories, hostels and micro hotels already using pallet racking as multi-level bunk beds (which obviously allows them to fit more people into one room).

Jungle Gyms

If you are trying to find a buyer for your old pallet racks, consider contacting local fitness centers or any personal trainers you may know. Why? Because pallet racks can easily form the basis for a jungle gym. That’s right, a pallet rack could be the perfect foundation for a multi-level assault/obstacle course for both children and adults.

The strong and sturdy frame can be transformed into a perfect climbing or crawl space. Ropes can be added as well to create swings for young and old to enjoy.

Garage Storage

While pallet racking is intended for warehouse use, it could also be usedin the garage. Many people like the idea of having these durable and sturdy pallet shelves in their garage to store those items not regularlyused. The elevated shelving will not only protect items against things such as flooding,but they also offer the ability to add and remove tiers as needed. This means a shelving solution that can be customized to suit any items being stored.


Think about this: you could soon be growing your own tomatoes and other vegetables in a greenhouse made from old pallet racking. With some panes of glass or plastic sheeting, you could create the perfect humid environment to grow your own produce. How handy your DIY skills are will determine the overall finish of the greenhouse, but at least you’ll have the foundations to get started by using old pallet racks.

Finding a Buyer for Old Pallet Racking

If you are not keen on finding a new use for your pallet racking, it might be worth looking for a buyer who is. There are some creative individualsabout who would love nothing more than the chance to find new and inventive ways to put your old pallet racks to good use.

The best place to advertise is Craigslist but remember that if you are hoping to get rid of these shelves quickly, you will need to price them quite low. Alternatively look for a warehouse racking supplier who may be able to take them off your hands.


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