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Are you ready for a CBD oil massage, then maybe you could try out the CBD oil Canada. Before you decide that this is the right oil for you to purchase for your message, there are some question you would need to ask yourself to ensure whatever you get is a product that is quality and safe for use. 

Is it a third-party tested?

CBD brands that are reputable partner with a third party lab to ensure their brands are tested for safety purposes. The labs will be able to provide a full result of test which is called a COA – certificate of analysis that includes:

  • An analysis that is comprehensive of the type of cannabinoids that are present in the product such as the CBD, the THC, and any other
  • A confirmation that there are no mycotoxins, bacteria, or other substances that are harmful present in the product.

In case a brand of CBD oil doesn’t have anything to hide, you will find the entire test results on their website.

What is the quantity of CBD in the massaging oil?

You will want to know the CBD concentration that is in the massaging oil that you want to purchase. At the moment, CBD is an item that is trending, which has made some fake brands capitalize on unsuspecting consumers. They may just place a CBD label on their product though the product has very little CBD in it. You have to look out for the total number of CBD that the massage oil contains. It should be noted somewhere in mg. 

What was the extraction method used?

The way the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant affects its safety, quality, and purity of the products made from it.  For the CBD massage oils, you will have to for the ethanol or CO2 extraction method. 

Both methods are natural and safe. When ethanol or carbon dioxide is used to separate the CBD of the hemp plant, you are assured of getting the right product that is pure.  You have to avoid the synthetic CBD oil for massage or one that was extracted using hydrocarbons such as butane, petroleum, or propane.

It is information that might not be provided on the label of the product, but it is possible to find it on the manufacturer’s website. If it is not mentioned on the website regarding the extraction method, you are safer looking for an alternative brand that is more transparent about their production practices. 

Is the product isolate or full-spectrum?

With CBD oil, they can either be isolate or full spectrum. It is what refers to the cannabinoid profile of the oil on the overall. Full-spectrum oils are the ones that have high CBD amounts, with smaller other cannabinoids, including the CBC, CBN, and the THC – with the THC being less than 0.3%.  For the CBD isolate, it contains CBD with no cannabinoids. 

Accord to research indicates that, with a full spectrum CBD oils, they tend to be more effective in providing a more effective relief compared to the isolates.


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