The Complete Guide : Photocopier Maintenance

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Keeping it in peak condition is crucial when it comes to the photocopier that your company uses. This will not only ensure the production of better copies, but will also lead to less dissatisfaction with decreased breakdown problems overall. As routine maintenance is a major factor in longevity, it will also help to prolong the life span of the system. 

But what are the best ways to preserve an outstanding condition for your photocopier?

  1. Purify the glass 

The photocopier glass that you place documents on for copying is one area that needs frequent maintenance on all copiers. With high levels of dust and grime, this glass quickly builds up and should be washed at least once a day. If not, smears or streaks on your copies will start to appear. Invest in a good glass cleaner for photocopiers and wash the copier glass with it each day.

  1. Let the dust off the inside too 

As well as the build up of dust on the glass, if the internal sections of your photocopier get too dusty, it is a problem. Get a dry cloth that is soft to preserve these pieces, and offer a gentle dust over the inside pieces of your copier. Any pesky debris that might lead to jams or poor copies can get rid of this. It is possible to use compressed air in a instead for those hard to reach locations.

  1. Keeping the paper rollers 

Paper jams are probably the one big issue that all copiers have! After this has happened, someone who has used a photocopier would have spent some time un-jamming a printer. Dust on the paper rollers is the root cause of a paper jam that prevents the paper going through them as it should. Simply clean the paper rollers with a lint-free cloth periodically to keep your copier so that this does not occur.

  1. Using the proper paper and components 

The fact that the wrong parts or paper are used in the machine is a very common cause of photocopier issues. This then contributes to the copier not running to its maximum potential or not running at all! For example, your copier can only be able to handle a certain weight or paper thickness. If you put in something that’s too heavy or too thick, it’ll jam. To help with your photocopier repairs, please use the correct parts for your specific copier.

  1. Give the fuser a once-over 

Another main component of your copier is the fuser, which actually sticks the printed toner to the page. It can be the cause of many breakdowns in photocopiers, but it is worth taking care of. Simply add some silicon oil to a damp cloth to preserve it well. Give a wipe down to the fuser device until ready to help remove any excess toner or debris.

It is prudent to look after your photocopier, There is no question that a positive decision overall is to take the time to conduct photocopier maintenance. It will not only help to keep it running at peak efficiency, but also save you time from having to repair any jams at work. Then check out Nationwide Photocopiers if you need any assistance with your photocopying needs. They have a number of maintenance services to help you get the most out of your photocopier in the long run and save money.

Louise Author