4 Amazing Steps to Know How to Take Good Photos at Night

Night Photography step by step Guide - Through The Iris

Taking photographs at night is very similar to those we do during the day; however, this time, we will need not only the appropriate equipment, but also a technical procedure, especially when it is a bridal photoshoot or bridal photo edit (edit foto pengantin, which is the term in Indonesia)

1. the First Step to Take Photos of Nights, Are the Accessories

To get started in night photography, it is necessary that you have the right accessories to achieve the best snapshot. The first thing you should have to take photos of at night is a tripod, but not just any; it is recommended to choose the more resistant one. Because in most of these snapshots, long exposures with a view to the sky need to be taken, this requires one that supports the weight and prevents any movement.

Similarly, the use of remote control or a trigger cable is recommended. This accessory will help us prevent any movement when photographing. Also, you must have a front light that helps illuminate any element that is in our frame. It will also facilitate your work when preparing everything for your night photography.

Another element is the flash, which will illuminate the objective to be photographed skillfully. It should be noted that the use of a low-intensity moment will serve to achieve a more natural result.

If you want to get snapshots with a creative touch, you can choose to buy gels or colored filters. These accessories are attached to the flash to change the color of the light. You can get photos with natural light or some with a creative touch.

In case you have to take your photos in a distant place, remember to bring your batteries with you, both flashlights and your camera. Long exposure photos quickly drain batteries.

2. A Trick to Take Night Photos Is to Use the RAW Format

If you want to take night photos and have a good result, it is best to choose to shoot in RAW. They will maintain their quality and the necessary information that will be beneficial when editing in a specific program. You can modify the lighting, the color temperature or vary the exposures without any problem.

3. A Rule to Follow When Taking Photos at Night Is to Prepare the Necessary Camera Settings

It is recommended to take photos at night, is to shoot in manual mode to modify the speed and aperture in your composition. For this, we will start with the ISO sensitivity. The lower it is, the less noise there will be in the image. It is recommended to work with ISO 100 to improve quality and prevent noise in photos.

On the other hand, the diaphragm regulates the amount of light that will enter. The more open it is, the shorter the exposure time. For photos at night, an aperture of f / 2.8 and f / 8 is usually used.

The shutter speed will help us control the amount of light that enters through the viewfinder; simultaneously, it will allow us to freeze the movement of our images. In this type of photography, it is best to work at a slow speed so that the sensor will get more light.

4. Use Your Camera’s Histogram to Take Good Photos at Night

If you have any doubts about exposure, it is recommended to use your camera’s histogram before taking your photos at night. This tool will be used to measure the amount of light and dark pixels that your image has and not be overexposed or underexposed.

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