5 Best Mortgage Lenders in Arizona

It is expensive to purchase properties irrespective of where you find yourself. However, it is a good investment. If you live in Arizona and want to purchase a property, but you need some financial support, you will probably be searching for the mortgage companies in AZ.

We have researched and found the best mortgage lenders in the city currently. Check them out.


This is one of the most popular and excellent mortgage lenders in Arizona. The company offers a wide range of options to fit in several financial situations. For people who are looking for companies to help them consolidate their debts, lower their rates, or companies to help them cash out on home equity, LoanDepot can help. They have an active website that helps people to acquire the services of the company with ease. LoanDepot is excellent for refinancing.

Guaranteed Rate

One of the most important things that people who want to purchase homes lookout for is information. Guaranteed Rate’s website offers a wide range of information. The company provides the most prominent information you will need when researching for a mortgage; that is, the rates and products. The company offers government, conventional, and other types of home loans. Guaranteed Rate’s well-built website allows you to create an account and track your loan.

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NOVA Homes

This company is one of the mortgage lenders AZ that offers loans to people with poor credit scores. NOVA Home Loans participates in the government FHA program. Hence, they can provide loans for people with credit scores as low as 680. NOVA is a top option because the company has managed to provide excellent services for its customers. Customers rarely express their dissatisfaction with the company. Over the last seven years, only 20 customers have launched a complaint with CFPB.


USAA is the best VA loan lender for both veterans and servicemen on active duty. If you come from Arizona and you fall within this bracket, USAA may have the best deal for you. You can access a VA loan with zero down-payment. With zero down-payment, USAA provides an affordable way for veterans to buy homes.

Blake Mortgage

Blake Mortgage also stands tall among the mortgage companies in AZ. The company has worked with individuals and families for over 20 years. They have perfected their service over the years. Hence, they offer one of the best client service experiences in Arizona. They offer a wide range of services for people who are looking for mortgage solutions. They provide refinancing, loans for veterans, mortgage for the purchase of a new home, and loans for construction projects.

Blake Mortgage has a well-structured website that provides information about all its loan products. The site also provides education on acquiring a mortgage and other financing products. This mortgage company has an easy application process. The process is transparent and they ensure that you are comfortable throughout the application process.

If you are looking for a mortgage company in Arizona that prioritizes customer’s comfort and satisfaction, Blake Mortgage should be on top of your list.

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