5 Common Self Storage Myths Debunked

How many of you have ever thought of hiring self-storage but never has done so?

Among all, many of you stay away from owning storage units because of various myths. Well, everything comes with some pros and cons, but this doesn’t relate a storage space with many problems. People believe in multiple myths about self-storage units, which aren’t true at all. So, below are 5 common self-storage myths combined with the reality?

Storage Space isn’t Secure (Items get Stolen):

Today, most of the people consider self-storage to be more secure than their in-house storage compartment. There are self-storage facilities which not only give you a personal lock system but add an extra security layer from their end. Every storage unit is facilitated with unique and robust gate codes, supported with 24×7 video recording facilities which ensure tight security. In some storage facilities, you might get some added protection to safeguard your personal assets.

Storage Auctions have Treasures & Rare items:

Watching such sense in TV is not similar to reality. Storage space is built to keep your belongings, which acquire additional space in your home. This doesn’t mean the storage facility is constructed to hide treasures and rare items. But there are chances of getting some vintage collection that somebody would have kept in their storage space. But in common, you can only expect items as most of the people prefer to remain in the storage facilities.

They are Too Expensive:

Budget is the common problem that dispels many people from owning a self-storage facility. But in reality, you only need to pay for what you own; nothing else. Renting a self-storage facility doesn’t have high monthly charges when you are keeping your belongings with safeguard. But still, this doesn’t mean you can have to pay a hefty amount for a self-storage unit. Many facilities have various storage size, which is also cheaper than other spaces. In short, it depends upon your research to find a space at a reasonable price.

Storage Spaces are Generally Dirty:

This is totally a false myth about renting a storage space. Far from this false belief, the storage spaces are always cleaned from time to time. Instead, they are cleaned before you move in for the first time. In fact, once you rent a storage facility, you will find it cleaner than your storeroom and basement. The storage faculty maintain the cleanliness of all the space available for rent.

Anyone Can Manage Your Storage:

It is absolutely wrong. During the renting documentation, you are provided with complete information about who can manage your storage space. Among management, only the responsible manager can manage your storage. But every manager undergoes proper training ahead of handling the entire storage facility for the customers. The manager hence selected, is responsible for marketing, selling the space, documentation, serving the customer, etc. 

There are many other myths related to self-storage units, but above are the most common ones which people have in mind nowadays. So, if anyone of your known is looking for self-storage unit but is bounded by various myths, tell them the reality.

Louise Author