5 Tips on Choosing Men’s Leather Briefcase for Laptop

You want to look good when going to and coming back from work while commuting in public transport and also protect your important documents. A leather briefcase is a great asset to own but considering the variety in prices, styles, sizes it might get challenging to make a smart purchasing decision. Here are 5 great tips on choosing men’s leather briefcase for a laptop.

Brown Ostrich-Patterned Leather Traveling Briefcase Bag With Strap

  1. Quality of the briefcase: The quality of the material used is an important aspect to consider. There are a wide variety of leathers out there, but there are three very common types. You have full-grain, top-grain, and genuine leather. Full-grain is top quality leather and is the most durable. It is highly-priced, malleable and looks great. Top grain is where they have shaved off the top and what you get is a bit of the corium. Top grain is durable too with large fibres, goes through a treating process, and is a bit more malleable and softer. It is easily penetrable in water than top grain. In genuine leather, you can see blemishes as it needs some time to be broken in. There is genuine soft leather where they go a little bit lower so you do not see much of the top grain.


  1. Hardware:It includes all the other components like zipper, buckles, and so on. Companies that spend on good leather would not compromise on hardware. Good hardware is going to drive up the cost like steel is very heavy, titanium and aluminum is light-weight but costly. If it’s meant for regular use, then a buckle is long-lasting. A buckle made from good leather would last you 100 years!


  1. Style:Traditional briefcases were hard with hard ends because you had to protect important papers. Nowadays, most briefcases are designed to carry laptops. If you look at history it started more with the satchel bags, then they started making the hard briefcases and the current trend sees the messenger, satchel kinds of bags. Choose the style that is right for you. There are different styles, some may be just to carry around a few books while some to just carry a laptop. It depends on the purpose.


  1. Size: There’s no point in buying a big beautiful briefcase which is too big to use. So getting the right sized briefcase is very important. The hardware and leather affect the weight and overall size. There are some very heavy duty and durable bags out there but very hard to carry around. Get something that is the right weight and right dimension for your needs. If you need a laptop to carry in the briefcase, get a size that is fitting to the laptop size.


  1. Lifestyle:If you live in an urban area like New York City or Los Angeles, and want something slick then you would want something with a dark shade. For the more rural areas, black looks great too as does the tans and browns. Lighter colors need care as they are prone to stains and scratches with wear and tear.


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