A Precious Watch To Own – Overview on the History of Rolex

There are individuals, who likes showing off and bragging about every branded item in their possession. Well, this is actually normal because they are just proud of what they have purchased, especially if it is a dream come true. These brands are expensive and known worldwide. In spite of tough competition, they still remain on top. Can you imagine how proud a person is after buying a pair of limited edition shoe, which is even cheaper than Rolex watches? This only shows that this brand is more than a fulfillment.  

Anyway, there is no doubt about that because everybody loves and wishes to have this wristwatch, not only to brag about them, but because this a very popular brand that had been distributed all over the world for years. And then, who does not know Rolex, anyway? This is undoubtedly a really good product with high quality. You won’t have to question its authenticity, especially when bought from a legitimate shop. Consumers trusted this brand so much, that’s why it still exists and available in the market today.

This only shows that people believe in this product, since consumers had been supporting it for years. Well, for collectors of Rolex and other brands of timepieces, I am sure that you know everything about your choices. While those who have not yet heard about how the company started, I am sure that you are also interested to find it out. You should know that you have a lot to learn here.

Introduction – Quick Facts

When it comes to the global leading brands and manufacturers of watches, count Rolex on. Actually, it was originally named as Wilsdorf and Davis. Do you know that they can produce more than 2,000 pieces of watches every day? With this supply, they can collect sales, which will worth over 7 billion US dollars in a year. This brand is actually competing with other leading companies, such as Omega, Panerai and Patek Philippe.

In 1902, Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf founded the company under the manufacturing industry in London, England. The corporate headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. They registered the trademark in 1908, which is, indeed, a great year for them to open their very first branch office at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The Kew Observatory awarded them a Class A certification in 1914. They moved their operations in 1919 to Geneva, Switzerland.  

It is now under the management of Jean-Frederic Dufour, the CEO and it is owned by the Wilsdorf Foundation. The foundation was created in 1944 because it was the will of Mr. Hans’ wife. He would like to share some of the earnings for a good cause, that’s why he left the shares to the foundation. 

Who is Jean-Frederic Dufour?

Jean-Frederic Dufour, from the Zenith, was the appointed CEO in 2014. There might be individuals, who might question his skills because he is young, yet dynamic and determined. He had been loyal to Zenith and started serving in 2009. For this reason, Zenith experienced changes and growth. He would be the 6th CEO and a replacement for Gian Riccardo Marini. 

He had been considered as a big move for watch brands, equipped with fresh ideas. Hoping to bring trends for the next decades, even if he is new to this brand, but an expert in wristwatches. Go here to learn more about CEO Dufour.

First Inventions and Creations

The Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision was awarded to Rolex in 1910 and they were the very first to receive this. In 1926, they were able to invent and produce the first waterproof timepiece. Because of this invention, the Oyster collection was born. 

Another breakthrough for this company happened in 1945. That’s when they were able to produce products with automatic dates. Aside from that, they were also the first to have dual time zones, which is, very important – it happened in 1954. And then, the Day and Date feature was first invented and displayed in wristwatches in 1956. When it comes to innovation, count this company on because they were the very first to equip timepieces with programmable countdown. Lastly, the command bezel function was created in 2012 for different purposes.

20th Century 

In 2000’s, they exclusively worked on and assembled the 4130 chronograph caliber movement in favor of Cosmograph Daytona. They were able to incorporate 290 components. The company also has a program, which aims at artistic discipline. For this reason, they founded the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. 

Have you heard about the Cerachrom Bezel? Well, it was created and patented in 2005 to protect the products from ultraviolet rays. While the Blue Parachrom Hairspring was invented after 5 years of thorough research for the products to be resilient to shocks. This company will not be left behind when it comes to technical innovations because they designed the Deepsea for exploring underwater activities. And then, there is one creation that was completed in 2012 – the Sky-Dweller for travelers

This company is not just about producing and distributing products to different countries. They are also long-term tied with Motorsports. They have entered the Formula 1® Racing, not to race, but to be the official timekeeper as well as the timepiece of the said motor event. 


Today, consumers are not only buying this product for the sake of using it every day. In fact, a lot of individuals have invested in it and started collecting it. I know that this is an expensive brand and not everybody can afford to buy one, but collectors do not worry about spending on their collectibles. Countless models had been released for years and to have the vintage ones are even what collectors find significant. Visit https://www.rolex.com/watches/new-watches.html and check what model to get next.

Aside from that, these enthusiasts are also collecting various Oyster models, such as the Datejust, Day-Date, Cosmograpgh Daytona, Deepsea, Explorer, GMT-Master II, Lady Datejust, Milgauss, Perpetual, Sea-Dweller, Submariner, Sky Dweller and Yacht Master. And then, they have been collecting Celleni as well. 

Louise Author