All you need to know about options in online movies 

Sometimes people do not know the name of any movie, but they remember the year of launch in that condition it is tough to find that movie. If you are suffering from this kind of situation, then an excellent website where you can solve this problem. This website will give you an opportunity to search via movies years. You can also watch the movies on a trending basis; it means if you want to watch 2018 trending or most viewed movies, then you should select this option. Its services will also allow you to watch different regions of movies.

Vital options- 

The website offers you plenty of vital options for uses, and each option use for different tasks and work. Before using the website, you need to get knowledge about those options. Through the detail, you can easily access the website and watch favorite movies or videos. Here today we are going to give all in-depth information about those options if you want to know then read the article carefully.  

  1. Home
  2. Genres
  3. Release
  4. Country
  5. Last added
  6. Movies 
  7. TV-Series
  8. Top IMDB
  9. Top watched

These all are main options into FMOVIES, and each option performs a different task for watch and download the movie. 

  1. Home- Here this is the first option that allows you to come on a direct home screen. It means if you are watching movies of searching and want to come on the main screen, then you should select this option. Through the help of this option, you can quickly come to the main screen.  
  2. Genres- Under this option, you can choose different category based movies. In other words, we can say that there are movies divided into categories like action, romance, sports, horror, and many more. Therefore, you can easily select the options action according to interest. 
  3. Release- The name of this option suggests that you can easily select movies and serials according to releasing years. It means if you want to search for any film from their releasing date, then you should choosethe above mention link option. This option also allows you to watch the most-watched movies of the year.  
  4.  Country- Are you like to watch different nation movies.If yes, then you should try this website. Here you can easily find movies according to the nation.  When you tap on this category, then all nation categories come, and you can easily select one. For example- If you belong from the India region and like to watch Pakistani movies, then go into this option.
  5. Movies-As we know that the websites will offer us various kinds of movies, web series, and serials. Through the uses of this option, you can easily filter movies from all categories. It means if you want to avoid all kinds of the serial from the suggestion list, then select this option.

Last added- This option allows you to watch the latest movies because, under it, all movies are shown according to time. The recent movies upload shown on the top of the screen. As per that, you can easily watch new films or series here. 

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