Benefits And Method Of Doing Plank Exercise 

Benefits of Plank Exercise Routine

If you want to do isometric exercises for fitness and health, consider starting a planking exercise routine. You can learn the exercise from a trainer or a gym near you. It involves doing workout by using own body weight. The exercises aim at making the core muscles strong. When you strengthen the core area of your body, you gain benefits like preventing back pain, balance problems, and fatigue. The exercise improves your posture and mobility. 

Planks should be done for a maximum of two minutes. People who are unable to do the exercise for two minutes should do as long as they can do and then slowly increase the time duration of the exercise. Use a yoga mat to do the plank exercise and do it in a flat position. For the starting position, you need to lie down on the stomach. Place the forearms on lower surface. Keep the elbows folded ninety degrees. Position them below the shoulders. Flex the toes so that its lower part is in contact with the ground. Hold both hands and form a V shape with the arms. Place the hands below the face. 

Lift the body from the toes in a position similar to performing a push-up exercise. No other body part except the toes and forearms are in contact with the floor. Let the body hover for some time above the floor. Keep the shoulders and hips in a straight position. The feet should also be straight. Squeeze the hip muscles. Keep the face in a downward position. Breathe normally. Hold the position twenty seconds. Take the body downwards to the floor. This is the method of doing the plank exercise. 

If your work involves sitting for prolonged hours, the planking exercise routine could be very beneficial for you. Sitting can make the core weak and the plank exercise prevents this. It helps in strengthening the core. The abdominal muscles also become strong with planks. The workout helps avoid back and spine injuries.

Louise Author