Considered to be one of the oldest rubber and tyre manufacturers, Continental tyre company made their first one way back in 1898 and has over a century, stamped it’s position as the fourth largest tire company in the world.

Not only specialized in groove tires alone, the company also deals in other division such as power trains, and automobile interiors while still maintaining it’s sturdy reputation in maximum quality at all fronts.

Thereby patnering with numerous major automobile manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, and Porsche which makes it one of the most common and reliable tyres in UAE.

Continental tyre brands are built and equipped with subtle treadings that results to quiet but responsive driving experience.

The German tyre giants have with time, emerged as one of the highest earning manufacturing companies raking an annual net income of well over €2 billion signatured with their plain treading and astute designs.

Below is a formal breakdown of Continental Tyres at Dubaityreshop to tingle your choice senses.


There variants are majorly designed for luxury, quiet, and comfort with a good eye for sporting experience. They are built with along wear and a first class wet braking technology which results to an overall excellent performance. Some are also made for an all season endurance with seamless fuel efficiency.

Examples; PureContact, PureContact LS,  ProContact TX, ControlContactTour A/S Tour,  TrueContact, ProContact GX, SureContact RX, ContiProContact, ProContact RX, TrueContact Tour


Like their passenger counterparts, these types also delivers on powerful wet braking, reduced noise, solid traction and endurance. With a much expanded size, the technology is stretched further to achieve the durability to conquer dirt, gravel and grass surfaces while skidding softly on harder pavements.

Examples; CrossContact LX25, TerrainContact H/T, TerrainContact A/T, CrossContact LX20, CrossContact UHP, CrossContact LX, CrossContact LX Sport, 4×4 SportContact, 4×4 Contact, SureContact LX


With the leading SportPlus Technology at it’s wake, these variants are designed for ultra-high performance car enthusiasts like speed racers. They are engineered for extreme grip dry, slippery and snowy terrains.

The comfort of drivers are akso taken into account woth an improved tread wear, fuel efficiency, and outstanding wet braking.

Examples; ExtremeContact Sport, ExtremeContact DWS06, ExtremeContact DWS, ExtremeContact DW, PureContact, ContiSportContact 5P, SportContact 6, ControlContact Sport SRS, SureContact RX, ForceContact, ControlContact Sport A/S


Without sacrificing excellent driving experience. These variants are designed with an all-season EcoPlus Technology for both sport and utility vehicles with outstanding handling, wet braking, traction, and ultimate luxury.

They are one of the most stable and balances comfort with efficiency for both medium and heavy 4×4 vehicles.

Examples; CrossContact LX20, CrossContact UHP, CrossContactWinter, ComtiPremiumContact 2, ContiProContact, ContiSportContact 1, 2, 3, 5 & 5P, ContiTouringContact CV/CW95, ContiTrac, ContiTrac SUV, ContiTrac TR, CrossContact LX , CrossContact LX Sport, ContiWinterContact TS810, ContiWinterContact TS810, ContiWinterContact TS830, ContiWinterContact TS830 P, 4×4 Sport Contact, ProContact GX, ProContact RX, ProContact TX


They are also known as the ultimate winter tyre. Which are built for extreme snowey and ice terrains without taking away it’s strong grip and braking performance. Also built for sporting condition, it offers a quieter and luxurious driving experience under the snow.

Examples; ExtremeWinterContact, WinterContact SI, CrossContactWinter, ContiWinterContact TS810, ContiWinterContact TS810 S, ContiWinterContact TS830, ContiWinterContact TS830 P.


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