Do you take your car for regular servicing?

The regular car servicing and timely maintenance of your car make sure you are driving a vehicle that is in good condition with all the components and parts working seamlessly.

The timely servicing of your car will make sure you stay away from the accidents caused by driving such a car that is in a dangerous condition. Also, to keep your vehicle’s performance at the optimal level along with making sure the vehicle’s battery life and the engine lasts longer, regular servicing is crucial.

Here is a list of the things your car servicing will include.

Battery checking

If you take proper care of your vehicle, the car battery may last for nine to ten years.

Well, according to expert car mechanics, the vehicles that have been kept parked for an extended time period may suffer from deteriorated battery life. Hence, the more your car keeps running the better the battery life.

However, a regular battery checking is definitely a part of the timely car maintenance and servicing, which will make sure you are not facing any issue while driving caused by a damaged battery.

When you are noticing an issue in the functionalities of power-sustained components like seats and windows, car’s radio etc., it is better to talk to a mechanic.

Without consulting an expert car mechanic, you cannot be sure whether you need to change the battery or some other parts are actually not working properly.

Car aircon maintenance

You should not ignore the fact that a car’s A/C system can be the breeding ground for harmful fungus and bacteria. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, getting the air conditioner cleaned in a timely manner is important.

Well, sometimes you may think the air conditioner vents are releasing quite cold air. So, is the aircon servicing necessary at all?

Well, releasing cold air does not always mean that the air conditioner is at its optimum level. It may be as much as 20% low and still release air that is reasonably cold.

Hence, only with a regular car air conditioner servicing, you can make sure your vehicle’s A/C system is working perfectly.

Your car servicing will also make sure

– Cleaning of condenser fins

– Leak test of components and system lines

– Checking of dashboard lights, check-engine lights

– Checking the air pressure in the tires

– Checking the air and cabin filters

– Checking the brakes and so on.

To maintain your vehicle’s market value along with ensuring safety, fuel economy, and low running cost, taking your car for regular servicing is necessary.

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