Having a great time in the desert with your family and friends is undoubtedly a great feeling. Going camel riding, hummer driving and quad bike racing under the sunset is even more priceless. There is always a plethora of mouth watering optionsfor evening desert safari to choose from that can bring about your safety, comfort and tranquility for you and your loved ones as well.

There is a ream of skilled and experienced personel who are trained to ensure your evening at the peaceful wilderness is filled with fun and the much needed safety when you go dune bashing.

Their sole objective is to have you feeling relaxed and reeling from happiness when you wake up the next morning and to make sure you kids asks for more of the fun!

For more enquiries about having your own share if this wealthy experience, do not hesitate in contacting the provided support numbers +971-52-386-8741 or +971-55-656-9235 or visiting the website for the best Dubai Desert Safari deals in the city.

Here, you will get to know about the prices, booking methods, services and othe needed information that js nothing but flexible and affordable while giving you the best value for your money.


  1. Dune bashing ;

This is relatively the most exciting and fun deal you can ever get in desert safari when visiting the city. Every single minute of cruising and enjoying the reddish sand coughing in the air is done with top notch care and safety by skilled professionals at your disposal.

This deal is divided into 3 simple packages namely.

(i) Standard package (lasts for 10 minutes)

(ii) Deluxe package (lasts for 25 minutes)

(iii) Golden package.

  1. BBQ Dinner

For refreshment purposes, their is a menu list of food items to sooth your tatse buds ranging from vegetarian to non vegetarian varieties. Thery are skillfully prepared by trained and experienced chefs who are well paid to satisfy you and your loved ones to a magical evening.

  1. Camel riding.

There are available camels lurking around for a nice ride through the desert sands.

  1. Photography

There is also a chance to capture this wonderful moments with your camera lens. as the saying goes, the best stories are told from pictures.

  1. Drinks

Like food, there is also unlimited drinks like water, soft and packaged drinks, and beverages to satisfy everyone’s urges

  1. Free sand boarding

There is also the presence of sand boarding activities for you and your family and it is free for everyone!

  1. Belly dancing and fire shows

Tanura show performances are at your disposal which will be done by experienced professionals

  1. Free Henna painting

Most people are fascinated by the Arabian culture and you are one of them, there is a free henna painting session for you.

  1. Arabic dress photography

Arabian clothes and attires are available to wear for taking photos or any other uses of your choice.

  1. Quad biking

If you want to feek the experience of quad biking, there will be additional cost but is is affordable in different ranges

  1. Separate toilet facilities for both men and women.


Self-drive package (AED 40)

Standard evening package (AED 55)

Deluxe package (starting from AED 100)

Golden package (starting from AED 200)


  1. Pick up and drop off time is from 3pm – 9pm
  2. Booking should be made 24 hours in advance
  3. Emergency cancellation should be made within 6 hours
  4. Some offers will not be available on weekends
  5. Only cash is accepted during pick up
  6. No cost included for children under 3 years of age.

Check out the outstanding and affordable Evening desert safari deals to make your dreams come true.

Louise Author