Electric springs in AC microgrids

Renewable sources of energy like windmill, solar panels etc. have AC microgrids that are used for power generation and distribution. As you know technology is dynamic in nature, which means that it keeps on evolving and changing according to the need of humans. One such advancement has been proposed in the field of electricity/renewable energy. According to the concept MPT (multi-port transformers) and electric springs (ESs) are going to be integrated into the AC microgrids as they will act as active power management tools. If you want to learn about spring and want a custom made spring click here.

How does it work?

The ES (electronic spring) is to be setup at the place where the storage component was located previously, after that the critical flux is regulated in the core of transformer. After each twist the generated voltage is controlled so that the CL (critical load) is restricted to the pre set level value.

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Benefits of it over the existing technology

The idea is to integrate electric springs into the MPTs (multi port transformers) which will offer a lot of benefits and efficiency than the technology that is being used currently. Some of the benefits that it offers are mentioned below.

  • Safer than the current technology

As far as safety is concerned, this new concept is a lot safer and easy to maintain than what is currently in use. This will allow users to install sources of renewable energy in their houses.

  • Reduces the wastage of energy that happens during the distribution and production. Technology presently in use isn’t very efficient and allows wastage of a lot of energy during the process of production and distribution.
  • Reliable

The current technology is prone to breakdown and malfunctioning which makes it tough to maintain but this new idea reduces the cost by a evident margin, which makes it more suitable to be used. 

Louise Author