Experience the best Dessert safaris in Dubai 

Going on a camel ride in Dubai is totally a perception changing experience about deserts. As you drive long in the dessert, the city will offer you breathtaking feeling and beautiful landscape. A trip to Dubai without camel ride is incomplete, while other desert safaris will give you thrill but a camel ride will make you experience completely different exhilarating experience. This activity is not restricted to any age group whether you are a kid or adult.  These magnificent beats will take high from the ground that you can feel cold and chilling winds in dessert. They add a sense of natural feelings to the entire desert safari Dubai.  

Most famous dessert safaris in Dubai 

Morning camel safari 

In this safari, your time start from as the day starts in the dessert. In this you can experience various beautiful scenery of the morning.  In this you will have an experienced guide to ensure your camel ride goes without hitch and will give you brief information about various famous places to visit in desert.  In this, you can enjoy traditional breakfast and you will also experience the thrill of strong and sandy winds. 

VIP dessert safari 

In this, you are going to watch the beautiful Dubai Dessert Conservation Reserve. You should head towards traditional Bedouin camp to experience various dessert activates like camel riding, sand boarding, henna and shisha paintings.  Go towards mountain to enjoy traditional belly dancing that is preformed for tourist’s entertainment. It is obvious that you will feel hungry while traveling and for that you will be served 3 delicious course buffet meal accompanied with wine and beer.       

Adventure combo 

Here you will get the best dessert safari deals. Arrive at the dessert and conquer it under the professional guidance. Here you will be offered bashing dunes 4X4 vehicle and to give you a thriller experience,  later you will be taken to quad biking section where you can take one and have its experience it. Take a control of the quad bike and head towards wide varieties of dessert activates to get yourself entertained.   

Evening camel ride 

Choosing the evening camel ride is the best way to experience dessert’s night life and its tradition.  You will get a ride across the dessert in the evening where you can see beautiful sun set. In this, you will be taken to Bedouin for a traditional dinner of Dubai. You will also get to know how the locals self entertain them with belly dance, Tanoura dance. If you are a hookah lover then you are going to love this place.   

Louise Author