How to become a notary public in Arizona?

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If you are living in Arizona State and want to become a notary, then you need to follow some steps that are mentioned in this article. This state is one the easiest to become a notary. In fact, you can raise a good amount in your account if you work well. To become a notary public, taking a notary bond Arizona is necessary. In case you don’t know what a notary bond is then it is a financial guarantee that you need to purchase in order to become what you desire. This bond ensures the protection of the public from any fraud or wrongdoing of the notary. It is a must in order to perform notarial acts in this state.

Get the application

The first step that you need to take to become an Arizona notary public is to visit the official website of Secretary of State and download the application form. Then, you must get it printed. In this step, only you are going to need the notary bond. You can get it from any insurance company. It is of only five thousand dollars. It is also inexpensive depending upon the insurance company from which you purchase it. The cost of this bond ranges between $25 and $50.

Submit the application

After that, you need to fill and submit the application with the documents of the bond with others attached to it. There are two ways of submitting the application; one is by visiting the secretary of state office physically. There you need to pay the expedite fee of $25 also. The total cost will become around $70. After you submit the fees, the application immediately goes into the process. And within the same time, you might get your notary certificate in your email inbox. If you submit the application in another way then you don’t get to pay the $25 fee but the process can take three to four weeks. If you are ready to wait then you can go with online submission. The choice is up to you.

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