How to Get a Professional Tan

A number of questions arise when it comes to getting a professional tan. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before you can go ahead with getting a tan. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your spray tan appointment.

Pick a well-ventilated salon


Before you head out to get a spray tan at a salon, ensure that you visit the salon prior to your appointment. Inhaling spray tan product poses some serious safety concerns which come in to play specifically in poorly ventilated salons. An airy salon with equipment that has a ventilation fan is a must as this sucks away any overspray immediately.


Also, keep in mind the room that the spray tanning will be carried out in too. If you find that there is spray tan formula on the wall or that the room and it’s surroundings are dirty in general, then that’s a sure fire way of determining that the salon is poorly ventilated and maintained.


A well-ventilated salon with Professional Tanning Solutions that have LVLP machines is a good option when it comes to spray tans. View source.

Book your appointment in advance


If you’re getting a spray tan for a specific event ensure that you book your appointment two days ahead of the event. This way the tan has time to settle in and develop completely. Each individual’s tan lasts a different length of time and this has nothing to do with the product. The speed at which the cells in your body turn over play a significant role in how long your tan will last. The younger you are, the faster your cells turn over which in turn causes your tan to fade away faster.


Ensure that you reduce your skin’s exposure to water so as to prolong the life of your tan.



12 hours prior to your tanning appointment ensure that you perform a gentle exfoliation of your skin. Leave your skin bare and free from any form of body lotion, moisturizer or oil. Keep in mind, however, those endless days of exfoliation is not going to work wonders on your skin. It necessitates that you don’t slough away all your dead skin as this is precisely what DHA, the tanning agent clings on to, darkening your skin in the process.


Waxing as well shaving strip the skin will leave the pores open. Color from the spray solution can then stick to these pores and look noticeable. Make sure that you shave 24 hours before tanning. When it comes to waxing, a two or three-day buffer is essential as the wax can leave a barrier on the skin blocking the tan from penetrating evenly.

Limit exposure to chlorine post tanning


Spending hours on end in chlorinated water is bound to ruin your tan, though a quick dip in the pool might not have any effect on it. Chlorine is essentially a bleach which takes the tan right off your skin. Limit your exposure to chlorinated water and be sure to pat your skin dry soon after you get out of the water.


Professional Tanning Solutions take care of all your spray tan related woes ensuring that your experience is seamless leaving you with sun-kissed skin with no hassle at all!

Louise Author