Japanese and Chinese Stone Garden Ornaments You Must Look

China and Japan are two Asian countries with a rich history and cultural deepening. If you have your little garden and you wish to amplify it, you can install stone garden ornaments influenced by Japanese and Chinese cultures. Available in different sizes, these will act as a central figure to the garden, despite it being a bigger or smaller garden. 

Small Seated Japanese Buddha Stone Ornament

This is a 75 cm high stone garden ornament that is handcrafted with basanite stone. Filled with intricate detailing, you will find that this stone garden ornament is durable, frost, and water-resistant too. You can choose the aged Cotswold color for a classically weathered look or burnt umber color for a darker, bronzed finish. The medium and large size version of these garden statues is 100 and 150 centimeters big. If you practice meditation, you can install it in your garden to send positive vibes around the garden.

Terracotta Warrior Statue

China does have an intriguing history and the chapters are filled with fighters and warriors. If you also like to witness a stone garden ornament influenced by ancient Chinese warriors, then you must have a look at the terracotta warrior statue that will add a theme to garden decoration. 

This 96 cm high stone statue can be fixed on the right or left side of your garden’s entrance to enhance the garden decor. Both the aged Cotswold and burnt umber colors give it an aged look that makes the green and the grey come together in a garden. Moss and lichens will attach to it easily and it will go well with big plants around it. 

Ying and Yang Granite Water Feature

Water features like birdbaths, koi ponds, and waterfalls, and fountains add a new dimension to a park or any green space. All water features that are stone garden ornaments look eye-captivating. These help you attract birds, butterflies, and insects that help your garden grow and bloom. Bring an element of balance to your garden with the Ying and Yang 65 centimeter high stone water feature. It is made with hardwearing granite which includes a pump and reservoir. It can easily stand the test of time and allow your garden to have a central figure for enhanced garden decor.

Chinese Juggler Statue

Install a statue with a contagious smile, so that whenever you enter your green space, you get delighted with the sight of stone garden ornaments. Chinese Juggler Statue is a 94 centimeter high stone statue with intricate detailing that has gone through the cast stone manufacturing process. Like others, this also comes in two color shades, the burnet umber for a bronzed darker shade, and the aged Cotswold stone color for a classically weathered look. With arms wide open and a laughing face, it instantly attracts any visitor’s attention. For a carefree spirit and picturesque garden, do install this garden decor item. It can easily stand the test of time and weathering. 

Louise Author