Lipozene Thoughts

Lipozene is a dietary supplement whose active ingredient is a dietary fiber. It is capable of curbing the appetite because of the high absorbency properties of the fiber. Conduct your own research as well to verify the information. 


Lipozene is a dietary fiber marketed for weight loss. The active ingredient is Glucomannan, a dietary fiber found in the roots of the konjac plant. According to claims by the maker, Glucomannan has been used for weight loss in Japan for many years. Does it really work? 

Does Lipozene Support Weight Loss?

According to studies that have been conducted on Glucomannan, weight loss has not occurred in every user. There have been mixed results in clinical trials that have been conducted; however, there is no hard evidence that proves Lipozene works. 

According to the manufacturer, the water-soluble fiber expands into a gel when it reaches the stomach and makes the user feel full. This results in the individual eating less and having the ability to reach his or her weight loss goals faster. 

Is Lipozene Safe to Use?

Although Lipozene may cause some stomach distress, research shows it is entirely safe to use. The active ingredient is a dietary fiber and not a stimulant like many other dietary aids. However, it is best to start with one capsule daily and work your way up to the recommended dosage of six per day after you see how well your body tolerates it. 

Recommended Dosage

According to the Lipozene website, you should take two capsules a half hour before each meal for a total of six daily. Each dosage should be taken with a minimum of eight ounces of fresh water. Even though there are no stimulants in this product, do not exceed the recommended dosage without speaking with a medical professional first.

Is Exercise Necessary?

To achieve the most success with Lipozene, you should engage in a regular exercise routine and eat a healthy diet. Weight loss requires a person to burn more calories than he or she consumes, so it’s important to reduce your calories as well as exercise even while taking Lipozene.


While there is no solid proof that Lipozene works for losing weight, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are unhealthy. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, exercise, and engage in an exercise routine in order to achieve the best and fastest results. Do not take more than the manufacturer recommends without consulting a medical professional. 

Louise Author