Make Your Partner Feel Special With Tantric Massage

Couples or husbands and wives participate in sensual massage exclusively, which is often referred to as erotic massage. This is not a service offered by spas. Prepare the room by turning on the lights and warming it up. You may use whatever oil or lotion you choose, although it is preferable if it has a pleasing aroma. Prepare a blanket to cover a portion of the body and remove any obstructions, if necessary, if the place is not the bedroom.

How To Do Tantric Massage

When doing a tantric massage, warm-up your hands and prepare to begin working with your partner completely naked on the bed surface. If you are seated or standing, massage the face, hair, and neck in a circular manner. As you face upward, gather hair fragments into your hand and gently massage the scalp. Smooth the cheekbones, chin, and lips with the tips of your fingers. Gently stroke your spouse’s nose, eyes, and neck to avoid harming them.

While you turn around and face him, your spouse should be face down and covered from the waist down with a blanket. Now is the moment to use the whole of your hand, including your thumb and palm. Apply the oil with your fingertips to the shoulders, neck, and upper back. With a tiny touch of the thumb, gently press and twist the shoulders. On all levels, do a series of circles with your palm on the upper back, squeezing as you go. This procedure may be performed many times. When doing a tantric massage on the shoulders, begin at the neck and work your way backward.

Sustain enough pressure hold on the grip where visible muscle and flesh are evident. Because the buttocks are a no-go area for certain individuals, they may be omitted. Apply the lotion on the backs of the legs and firmly press to experience the soothing benefits. Make a series of forwarding and backward motions. Due to the fact that some individuals find the heel and sole squeeze unpleasant, it may be eliminated. Inside and outside of the toes should be rubbed, and the ankle should be flexed up and down while exercising the foot. After that, swap legs and repeat the workout.

With your partner’s stomach up, you may concentrate on the front leg muscles. Due to the proximity of the erogenous zones, they may spontaneously activate. Concentrate on what you’re doing as though nothing else is happening. Gently massage the hips from the inside out, paying special attention to the pelvic area. Strokes and thumb squeezes are allowed in a number of movements.

It is conceivable that the present sequence of events may cause difficulties, but continue functioning. Firmly push down on the hips, then use your fingers to make your way up to the abdomen.

The Take-Away

It’s time to do a comprehensive assessment of your upper body. From the fingers to the biceps, both hands should be extended out. Gently pinch both hands and glide your palms together to assist them in relaxing. Because your female partner’s chest is filled with erogenous breasts, avoid her nipples while touching her. To avoid creating tension, gently push little sections of breast tissue outward for a few minutes at a time.

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