Plan your corporate event on a Dubai charter yacht

Dubai has increasingly become a top global destination for luxury tourism and business events. Your next corporate event will be an unforgettable one thanks to its iconic skyline, ultra-modern architecture, and over-the-top offerings. 

Reasons to charter a yacht for your event 

Holding your corporate event on a Dubai charter yacht provides special advantages you simply can’t get elsewhere:

  • Exclusivity – Renting out a full superyacht or luxury yacht to host your event offers exclusivity and privacy that’s hard to match with a land-based venue. You’ll have the entire space just for you and your chosen guests.
  • Scenery – Cruising Dubai’s waterways, whether gliding along the sleek Dubai Marina or venturing out to sea near the iconic Burj Al Arab, provides ever-changing vistas your attendees won’t get from an indoor hotel or conference room.
  • Built-in activities – Many charter yachts offer jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and other water toys to keep guests entertained between program activities. Or arrange a snorkeling trip at prime spots like the World Islands.

Types of yachts available for charter in dubai

From sleek sailing yachts to imposing motor yachts more than 300 feet long, Dubai’s charter fleet runs the gamut. Consider what best aligns with your event size, style, and budget:

  • Luxury Motor Yachts – Typically between 80 to 160 feet long, these multi-level vessels combine contemporary amenities like Jacuzzis, gyms, and cinemas with expansive exterior entertaining spaces perfect for large corporate events. 
  • Megayachts – Dynasty, Dubawi, and other elite Dubai brokers offer various megayachts exceeding 230 feet long for true lavish entertaining, including the 436-foot Illusion V for events of up to 200 guests.
  • JetCar – This unique 37-passenger “floating limousine” style yacht modeled after a private jetcar dubai delivers unique corporate event capabilities, from a boardroom layout to an underwater viewing room.

Steps for planning your Dubai yacht event

  • Book the boat early – Dubai’s peak season runs from October to May. Booking 6-12 months out ensures the best pick of yachts and dates.
  • Determine capacity needed – Choose a yacht size aligning with your estimated guest count, factoring in potential future growth.
  • Clarify specifics – Confirm timing, embark/disembark locations, catering, A/V, entertainment, water toys, number of crew, etc. 
  • Send out branded invites – Generate buzz with creatively designed e-vites highlighting the luxury yacht venue.
  • Plan entertainment – Hire a live band or DJ, arrange violinists or percussionists, and offer movie screenings on deck or jet ski outings to liven up the event.
  • Add the wow factor – Work with your charter broker to integrate unique touches like specialty cocktails, a Monaco F1 simulator onboard, or even an aerial dancer descending from the mast.
  • Supply seasickness remedies – While unlikely on calm inland waterways, placing motion sickness wristbands and medication in bathrooms prevents problems.
  • Watch the weather – While rain disruptions are rare, choppy seas impact open-water outings so monitor forecasts.
  • Bonus Venue Ideas – Beyond a dedicated yacht charter, mix things up by booking yacht-shared tables at glitzy brunches, leveraging docked superyachts as unique venues, or treating VIPs to luxury sailing tours.

So whether you’re planning an incentive trip, new product launch, corporate annual meeting, client entertainment event, or elite gala dinner, hosting it onboard a private luxury charter yacht promises to impress in a way no ordinary venue matches. Let the specialists help curate an utterly unforgettable experience on the water.

Louise Author