Posture corrector

Posture corrector

All of us spend some time standing or sitting in the wrong positions once in a day. The result is that you adopt a misaligned posture that could have some adverse effects on your body. Some of these effects could be in the form of upper back, shoulder and neck pains. Sometimes these pains could go from mild to very severe hence requiring you to seek medical help with the chiropractors. Thanks to Posture Lab, we bring you this amazing posture corrector that comes with a very wide range of benefits and most importantly save you the money you would have spent with a chiropractor.


100% quality

Our posture is made of a very smooth, nylon, polyester, and cotton fabric so that it feels comfortable on your skin and that it does not cause itching. The fabric is also very strong such that no matter your size or strength, the straps cannot be broken regardless of how much pressure you exert on the corrector. Our posture corrector is also designed to be worn by just anyone, both men and women of all sizes. For the over oversize to the average people, the straps are elastic enough to fit people of all sizes and ages, making sure that no one is left out of the chance to wear our corrector. Our correctors have our brand logo and name imprinted on the fabric so that you can be sure you are using our quality tested product.



Our posture correctors come at a very affordable price of just $34.99, which is very competitive, compared with those of competitors in the industry. It also comes to save you so much money and this is the main reason why you should buy one today. Instead of visiting chiropractors who charge you a lot of money because of shoulder and neck pains, why don’t you grab this amazing corrector and save yourself that hard-earned money? And because these wrong postures make go on the extreme, sometimes forcing you to be admitted to the hospital, our correctors come to save you this money by keeping you at bay with problems of shoulder and neck pains.


Can be worn anywhere, anytime

Our posture correctors come in a very thin fabric that allows you to wear it anywhere and anytime. You can comfortably wear it to the gym or office, you can stay with at home or you can even take your morning or evening walks while wearing it. The posture corrector may itself look like a piece of clothing but it is very thin such that you can wear it beneath your clothes and head to the office very comfortable. For example, if you work as a security guard, a posture corrector is a must-have since your work involves standing for many hours, which may misalign your posture or cause you chronic upper back, shoulder, and neck pains.


Wide range of benefits

On top of giving you back your desired posture, our posture correctors come with other wide range of benefits that include giving your muscle strength so that even after you stop wearing the corrector, your upper body will not go back to the wrong posture, it makes you look slimmer and this is very great if you have been wishing to cut some pounds, it alleviates neck and shoulder pains, and it cures tensional headaches that come as a result of strained shoulders and neck. Besides, it helps in muscle recovery but most importantly it gives you back the confidence that comes with walking with your shoulders high as a result of misaligned posture.


Easy to wear

Our posture correctors are easy and simple to wear; you just put on the arms into the straps. If you have been having severe shoulder, neck and upper back pains, you may experience some discomfort when wearing the corrrector and in case this happens, then you should postpone the wearing. If you are unable to wear it because of your stiff muscles as a result of a misaligned posture, then a friend or family can help you. To find more on how to put on the corrector, you can have a look at the few steps on our website


Free delivery 

At posturelab, we have dedicated ourselves to give Australians something to identify with by delivering these amazing correctors for free wherever you may be inside the boundaries of our country using the trusted services of the Australian Post. Also, we do not lock our international customers out. We also deliver to you our corrector to any part of the world you could be, but at a very small and affordable cost. All shipments come with a unique secured code so that you can keep track of your order, where it has reached on its way to your doorstep after leaving our Brisbane storage facility.


Guaranteed money-back

Although this rarely happens, you may tend not to like what you receive since some mistakes may happen while sending your order, we give our customers a chance to return the corrector for exchange with another one or still get your money back without so many hustles, within 30 days. The same transparency we commit ourselves to when selling you our correctors is the same commitment we apply when returning your money if you do not like the product. But this rarely happens since our team at Brisbane storage facility pays a lot of attention to every order before it is dispatched.



Since we all get into the wrong positions while sitting, walking and standing, we are therefore prone to misaligned postures which could cost us so much if we do not do something to correct that. Living with the wrong misaligned posture is risking your health since you will be experiencing chronic upper back pains which could even injure your spinal cord. It is no doubt therefore that there is no better way to reward yourself than buying this amazing posture corrector from posturelab and bid goodbye to wrong posture and neck pains and headaches without any form of medication.

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