Real Estate Law in Israel

If you need an Israeli real estate lawyer, you have come to the right place, David Page Law, a business, a corporate, and financial attorney in Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. David is also the founder of InsideOutside Counsel, that as an organization is a paradigm shift that teaches each company and other businesses seeking outside counsel. Israel began on May 15th, 1948, with its own Declaration of Independence. Their first Provisional State Council’s first legal action was to start the “Law and Administration Ordinance of 1948.” This was what is called a reception statute, David Page Law offers his expertise, lawyering with integrity at real estate law firm israel.

Real estate law in Israel is something that he can make less complicated to his customers while working in commercial and residential real estate projects in Israel. He offers due diligence into real estate projects, so as there are no extremely random surprises about the title to the property, zoning, and other legal hurdles. David Page knows about the Land Law of 1969, which is about property law. This includes the Movable Property Law Act of 1871. We craft your legal documents as well as review and edit purchasing contracts for real estate, as we manage Tama 38-1 and Tama 38-2 real estate projects with general contractors, architects and others involved.

Tama 38 is a construction program local to Israel that has been designed to strengthen and help with the upgrading of older apartment buildings. Developers add new floors to the top of existing apartment buildings just because they want to make improvements. The land in Israel is owned, either by the State of Israel, the Development Authority, or the Jewish National Fund. Taxation is something our attorneys deal with along with acquisition, appreciation and international taxation matters. Attorneys deal with the transfer of real estate property by non-residents, requiring the use of trusts, wills, and testamentary and probate orders.

Real estate is a weighty matter when it comes to David Page’s law practice, as an israel real estate lawyer. Getting a property together in Israel requires having essential real estate documents for closing the deal. The buyer is supposed to end the purchasing of a house by providing specific kinds of documents that can finalize the sale, using wills and probate lawyers to do so. The deed to the property is most necessary when you transfer all personal property like the furnace, air conditioner, and appliances. You may be receiving other property along with the house itself, so you need the deed.

During the sales process, you have to apply the applicable Israeli taxes such as the tax on the acquisition, appreciation tax, and application of various discounts. The discounts being referred to are TAMA 38 initiatives because Aliyah benefits are the key elements to have with regard to a real estate sale. The mortgage is an agreement with a lender to buy the property, with the property being collateral for a loan, as the mortgage needs to be recorded with the deed. The mortgage then becomes a lien against the property the buyer will be planning on buying.

Israel’s property law requires a Disclosure of Closing, and a Loan Estimate, & Title to be presented. David Page is an attorney with the skill to do so. There are fixed prices available, as well as many benefits to take advantage of. David Page has the expertise and integrity you need. You will never have to worry about hourly billing because David Page provides onsite visits that can be presented to you when you are looking to finalize a real estate sale. 

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