Rolex Creates All Their Watch Components In-House

Nowadays, the terms “manufacture”, as well as “internal”, are extensively utilized. Yet, these are family member concepts, which are tough to discuss. What makes certain nevertheless, is that Rolex does produce most, if not all, components inside, among the 3 mega-production plants they have now, Geneva, Bienne, Plan-les-Ouates, This is a quick checklist of what Rolex does, on top of that of course of the standard components from an activity, bridges, wheels, plates, equilibrium, pinions, or from a watch itself, dial, bezels, bracelet, etc.

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  • Own shop for gold, plus own, exclusive alloy for pink gold, or Everose gold, Rolex is amongst the largest components of Gold in Switzerland, as well as to make things a bit different, they do have their own shop, where they are able to produce their own alloys.
  • Own ceramic bezels, or Cerachrom, Rolex was among the first brands to introduce ceramic bezels. The first model to include it was the 2008 GMT-Master II. After featuring watches with single bezels, black mostly, with gold or platinum PVD engravings, Rolex achieved with the GMT-Master II BLNR to integrate a different color, blue in this case, to black in a solitary block of ceramic, these 2 colors are obtained via a localized chemical treatment, not by merging two various components. Later on, once more, Rolex accomplished to have two colors, blue as well as red, on a solitary block of ceramic, with the GMT-Master II BLRO “Pepsi,” a watch launched in 2014.
  • Own alloy for the hairsprings, or Parachrom, the “blue hairspring” is among Rolex’s innovations, made in a paramagnetic alloy, as well as crafted in-house by the brand.
  • Own cutting-edge escapements, or Chronergy
  • Own rubber bands or Oysterflex
  • Own luminous paint, or Chromalight, as a matter of fact of a lot of watch brands, Rolex does not utilize the basic Luminova paint yet utilizes an exclusive blue luminescent paint that has a longer and brighter luminescence in the dark.
  • Own extensible clasps for the bracelets, or Easylink
  • Own shock absorbers, or Paraflex.

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