SEO or SMO: Which one is better and why?

SEO is search engine optimization. And, SMO is social media optimization. Both are important parts of digital marketing. Many people wonder which one to focus when they are launching a new business or a blog. It might be hard to pick for someone who is new to the field. First you have to understand what SEO and SMO are.

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. It is the method of increase your rank on search engines like Google.

What is SMO?

SMO is social media optimization. It is the method of increasing your rank in the results of social media platforms like Facebook. Now the important question here is that which one is better.


The answer is SEO. Search engine optimization is a better option than SMO if you are just starting your blog or your digital marketing career.

Why SEO is better?

Search engine optimization helps your website get more visitors and customers. If you could land yourself on the first page of a search engine like Google, you can get thousands of visitors every day. Also, people make all types of search queries on Google which include the ones that are related to sales as well.

Social media optimization helps you rank with keywords on social media platforms. The results are not the same as SEO because people will find your social account on a social media platform. On Facebook, a person will see your Facebook profile or fanpage. There are not many social media searches for queries that could result in a sale. People generally search for specific people or pages on social media.

You should go with SEO

Now you know that SEO is more important and it is best for you if you are just starting out. Hire professional seo services[jasa seo professional, which is the term in Indonesian] today to rank fast and start getting more traffic.


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