Signs Your Carpet Needs to Be Cleaned

It is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned one to two times per year, or as needed. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what the signs are that carpet cleaning room is necessary. Knowing what the signs are that your room may need to be professionally cleaned can help you determine when to call in a professional. Here are a few of the key signs that your carpet is in need of professional cleaning.

The Carpet is Discolored

One of the signs that your carpet is in need of professional carpet cleaning is a carpet that is discolored. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if your carpet is becoming discolored. One of the easiest ways to tell if this is occurring is to move any large items in the room, such as a couch. If the carpet is one color under your large piece of furniture and another color on the exposed carpet, professional cleaning is needed.

The Carpet Has Stains You Cannot Lift

The second sign that your carpet is in need of professional cleaning is that it is stained. If something is spilled on your carpet, it is recommended that you try to remove the stain yourself as quickly as possible. If the stain won’t lift, you should call in a professional right away. The more time the stain has to set, the harder it will be to remove.

The Carpet Looks Worn

When you vacuum your carpet, the fibers usually spring up, making your carpet look good. However, in some cases, the fibers are so worn down by dirt that they don’t bounce up.If your carpet looks worn and pushed down, it may be time to call in a professional. Professionally cleaning your carpet can help to remove dirt and dust embedded in the fibers, helping to restore your carpet.

The Carpet Smells

The last sign that your carpet is in need of professional cleaning is a smelly carpet. You can mask carpet smells, but you cannot always remove them yourself. If you have a carpet that smells, calling in a professional to deep clean the carpet can help to remove the odor once and for all.

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