Simple security trick your text messages are missing

Text messages have become one of the most popular ways we communicate with each other. Whether it’s catching up with friends, coordinating plans, or chatting with family, texting offers a quick and convenient way to stay connected.  However, standard text messaging services like iMessage, WhatsApp, and regular SMS lack strong privacy protections. Your messages are visible to your phone provider and potentially hackers. If you’re sharing sensitive information over text, there’s a risk it could fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, there’s a simple security trick to keep your text messages private: using private. Privote is a free online service that lets you create text notes that self-destruct after being read. It offers a way to share sensitive information while keeping your texts secure and ephemeral. 

Use privnote for text messages.

Privnote offers important security and privacy benefits compared to standard text messaging:

  • Ephemeral: Messages self-destruct so they can’t be accessed after reading prevents unauthorized access.
  • Encrypted: how to protect text file with password? Notes are encrypted in the URL. Text isn’t stored on Privnote’s servers. 
  • No metadata: Unlike normal texts, privates don’t generate metadata that could reveal who contacted whom.
  • Self-contained: Messages don’t pass through phone or app providers just sender to recipient.
  • No sign-up required: You don’t need an account. No personal data is collected.

How private are privnotes? 

Privnote uses state-of-the-art encryption and privacy techniques to keep notes secure:

  1. Notes are encrypted client-side using 256-bit AES encryption – the same as banks and militaries use.
  2. Encryption keys are destroyed after 1 hour, rendering previous notes irrecoverable.
  3. Privnote’s servers run on memory so notes are never written to drives.
  4. Notes are automatically cleared from memory after expiration.
  5. Privnote cannot access users’ notes or web activity like IP addresses. 
  6. The site is open-source so its code can be audited.

Privnote also offers a unique “Forget” feature. Recipients can click “Forget” after reading a note to immediately destroy it before the default expiration. This prevents screenshots or other ways of saving notes. Of course, privates aren’t perfectly secure. Recipients could theoretically take photos of their screen before a note expires. But overall, privates offer far better privacy than standard messaging.

Texting is convenient, but SMS and messaging apps lack built-in privacy. With hacks, government surveillance, and archived messages, standard texts pose security risks when communicating private information. Privnote elegantly solves this problem by making cryptographically secure ephemeral messaging available to anyone. It lets you discuss sensitive topics candidly while keeping chats strictly between you and the recipient.

So next time you need to share confidential information over text, give Privnote a try. It’s a simple trick to keep your messages private and secure. Just generate a shareable privnote, send the URL to a contact, and let the auto-deleting encryption do the rest. Your chats will have enterprise-grade security without any extra work. Privnote gives you back control and privacy over your communications. Texting sensitive information doesn’t have to be scary — this free tool empowers you to share, chat, and message securely.

Louise Author