Steps to setup a bluetooth

Bluetooth is a technology which is an easy way of medium to transmit the information or data from one device to another easily for a short distance. So, in this way this is a convenient medium to transmit music from your smart device directly to your car stereo wirelessly. The add-on feature of Crust car Bluetooth is, it gives the power to receive the phone calls directly through it and you can hear the voice through car speakers, letting your hands-free to move over the steering of your car.  This makes your drive relatively smooth, hassle-free and drives through, listening to your favourite music, attending calls through your car speakers in just a few seconds. It’s just that easy.

Firstly, Insert the Crust Car Bluetooth Car cigarette socket. It will automatically turn-on. Now the power is on, the Bluetooth will be turned. The Bluetooth may always be in ON State if you kept the car Bluetooth plugged in car, but it may be disabled on other devices to conserve battery power on your car stereo and an MP3 player or cell phone.


Open up the Bluetooth settings of your Smartphone or smart device and have it “Check the discover for new Bluetooth devices .”


Select your “BT 56” from the options from the displayed list on your smartphone.

Once the Crust Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter BT 56 Is selected and paired with your device. It will be saved in your Auto Bluetooth list. In most cases, with other car Bluetooth devices, you might find and enter the pairing code in your smartphone. if you don’t know,  the code then please try using all 0’s.


Try to connect you cars FM stereo with the car Bluetooth, by turning on the FM transmitter and finding the white space into the FM range. Tune the cars FM Frequency with BT 56 FM Frequency. The BT 56 FM frequency will be display on it. Once it’s been streamlined then you can start playing the songs and listen to it via Car Speakers.



Louise Author