The variety of artificial intelligence apps for entertainment

The first stripping service, DeepNude, opened in 2019 but was closed almost immediately for ethical reasons. However, this topic quickly attracted programmers, and neural networks now perform undressings perfectly and quite plausibly from an uploaded photo. All services with such functionality can be divided into types: stripping bots and special sites; check more about ai clothes remover in the post below. 

Neural network and data-driven solutions

A neural network consists of artificial neurons – computational elements created by a biological neural model. In simpler terms, a Neural Network is a program or computer system that can replicate the functioning of the human brain. It is made up of neurons, which are nodes that work in constant communication with each other to generate billions of combinations and make decisions.

Delete photos of clothes with Nudify 

The idea of undressing girls without their knowledge has been around for a long time. After all, it’s always interesting to see what a friend, acquaintance or famous person looks like naked. 

Nudify is a site that allows you to delete photos of clothes. To obtain a better image, you can select your age, body type, and image quality. The neural network allows you to achieve similar results quite quickly, and thanks to working on the Internet, it is also convenient. After all, the process can be carried out at any time and place.

The neural network is developed on the basis of artificial intelligence. It is able to remove clothes from a photo by analyzing the uploaded file, and the result will be impressively detailed and accurate since artificial intelligence will work out all the nuances that are available to it. The technology of nudify is also called “Deepfake”.

Louise Author