Tips That Will Help You To Rule In 3-Bet Pots

The 3-bet pots are very essential. The tips included here will help you become a good player and win.

Defend More Hands 

After the 3-bets of your opponent, he will usually have c-bet on the flop during high frequency. This can include many weak hands or those hands which were completely missed. Thus, you must call versus the c-bet to prevent letting him win various pots with no good hands.

Even though he started with pretty range, you must take note that a lot of his range can miss the flop. For example, your rival 3-bets of top 10% of hands.

Now, the 3-bettor’s range can have a possibility of unpaired hand for 45.7% times during the game. This is the average on all the board textures. On King-high, Ace-high, and Queen-high boards, the opponent can hit more often. On these boards, make sure to tighten your calling since these boards are in favor with the 3-bettor.

On the other hand, whenever the board is Jack-high or lower, don’t let him get off the hook easily. Be willing to fight for the pots on these boards.

Remember that this tip is valid unless you think that your opponent is the nitty player whom you think will play 3-bet on the premium hands. In this case, hold frequently fold against the flop c-bet, Do this as well with the preflop 3-bet.

Fold More On The Flop

In the game of poker, the position is indeed a big deal. This is true whether it is a single raise pot or it’s a 3-bet pot. The player who is in the position will have an advantage with the hand.

When you notice the fact that you are playing out of position with the reality that it is tight when it comes to the 3-bettor’s range, you will understand that calling with a wide range of flop is not the best endeavor to have.

Your rival can maneuver the game. He can bluff you whenever you think that he is strong and check back whenever there is an improvement in your range. Think of Kind, Ace, Queen turns, plus rivers. Now that you are out of the position, you cannot do anything about it.

For example, you have T diamond red T heart red out of position on King heart red, Jack spade black, and 6 spade black, and your rival bets 1/3 of the pot. You can have a premium preflop hand. However, you will have to fold on this flop.

One effective rule in this scenario is to whiff of the flop. Then, you have to dump the pot.

Slow-Play With Your Strong Hands

During the single raise pots in poker, it is a bad idea to slow-play with your strongest hands. This is because there is a big stack-to-pot ratio. With lots of chips behind, it will be difficult to get an all-in by the river whenever you don’t raise on the turn or flop.

The 3-bet pots are different. There is a lower stack-to-pot ratio which can allow you to get an all-in more easily. There is enough money in the pot without going over betting.

Louise Author