Use these Friday the 13th Marketing Ideas!

You need to know the unlucky dates and numbers in your business. Not knowing could lead to missed selling opportunities. So if you sell in a country where Friday the 13th is kind of a big deal, then you don’t want to miss out on these Friday the 13th marketing ideas to get your customers excited about the day and to spend a bit more than they normally might.

One idea is to change around the day and make the day lucky. You might have a one-day sale and communicate to customers that they’re lucky to participate it, have some kind of give away, or something similar. The idea is to get customers excited about Friday the 13th because it’s a day they can get something discounted or free.

You can also send out a notice to your customers that does more than just tell about your latest products. Put those new products on sale during a flash sale for Friday the 13th, maybe just during certain hours of the day. Communicate it so that it resonates with Friday the 13th and gets your customers excited.

Give 13% off total purchases for your customers when they buy from you on Friday 13th. Another way to do this is to offer a 13% rebate or $13 off a purchase. It’s another way to connect Friday the 13th with getting your customers excited about whatever promo you’re offering.

Here’s another one: put 13 products on sale. This gives customers 13 reasons to be happy. If you can sell superstition-related items, such as mirrors or umbrellas, it’s even better. You might offer 13 products for $13 each just on that day.

Now, think about how you can do a play on words with Friday the 13th. You can use anything related to fear, luck, superstition, etc. to make an opportunity to innovate a slogan for your offer. Try something like “slashing prices” or “price cuts,” or “killer app” to get your customers going.

If you’re feeling brave, launch a new product on Friday the 13th, if your own superstition doesn’t get the better of you. Make a countdown to Friday the 13th when you launch, or just make a countdown a big deal to your promotion or sale on the day. You might place one item on sale for 13 days before Friday 13th and then place all of the items on sale on the day itself.

If you’ve got a brick-and-mortar store, place objects in your start or maybe at a nearby park. Challenge customers to go find them, and then to bring them back to the store for a free prize. This is a great way to up your social engagement. Leave clues on Twitter, then on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Make it exciting!

Finally, you could have a donation day on Friday 13th, where you donate 0.13 on every purchase made to a charity or a cause, or you might do 13% of the purchase on that day. You might also help out 13 different charity organizations.

These Friday the 13th marketing ideas are all about fun and increasing customer engagement!

Louise Author