Variations of the fight end boxing bets

If you feel that you want to utilize the fight ends for your boxing betting at ufa1688, then you should know the various variations that you can opt for. There are four variations, and they include the following. 

Go the distance

It is a well-known boxing timing bet is whether the fight is to go the distance or not. With such a bet, you will wager on whether the fight is going to end before the rounds it was scheduled on or not, or it might go to the scorecard of the judge.  You will get it listed in the sportsbooks ‘section of prop bets.

In case you are betting on two heavy fighters with a history of their fights ending, you are likely to see more money on the going the distance fight and less cash on it staying to the hands of the judge. If the fighters are smaller, seemingly fast but lacking the power or tend to have prominent chins, it is possible to get underdog money with an early ending of the fight than money on the going the distance fight.

Over/under rounds bets

It is another fight ends bet for a specific round. The sportsbooks are going to pick a certain round or direct in a particular round, allowing you to choose if the bout is going to end after or before that specific point. It is something you will see much in bouts where it is sure that the fight won’t go the distance. You will various payouts depending on each side’s likelihood of winning the bet. 

With this type of bet, there are a few things that you will find unique. You will be able to see various lines for you to choose from. It is possible to see lines for under/over 8.5 rounds, but it is also possible to see lines for under/over nine rounds or much higher options. 

There will be a difference in payouts on all the options, but you will need to understand this. It might be one of the best ways of earning some money if you are the specific type on when you think the fight will end. 

Group round bets

It is a specific type of fight end bet. It is not automatic that you will have the ability to bet on this particular bet type, and it is mostly seen on big fights and fight cards that are high profile.  It is the type of bet that will allow you to pick the group of rounds that the fight will end. 

Specific rounds

The more specific you become, the more likely you are going to get money, and it is true with this type of betting. You will be required to pick one round where the fight will end. In case you are correct, and the fights end in the round you picked, then you win the money on the boxing betting. But if it ends in a different round, then you automatically lose the money. 

Louise Author