Web.com Reviews Discusses How to Increase Sales with Customer Reviews


When a customer decides to buy something online in 2020, their decision is heavily influenced by customer reviews. According to Web.com Reviews, if you can harness the power of your product’s customer reviews, you can get a significant boost to your sales figures. Here’s how to achieve that:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Display selected reviews on your social media channels – You can’t possibly hate yourself for some good old self-promotion. If you want to show the people the benefits and quality of your products or services, let the customers speak and offer first-hand experience. Consumers will always trust each other more than you, the merchant. Other customers don’t have a stake in increasing sales figures and hence that trust is justified. So, instead of talking about yourself, let the customers speak with their positive reviews. 

While you show positive customer reviews on your social media channels, you can take it to the next level by making a significant portion of a product campaign with customer reviews. For instance, on the product page, you can highlight the features of your products with words and phrases from a positive review and also link to that review. 

  1. Don’t skimp out on the negative reviews – When you share positive reviews on social media channels, it may seem counterproductive to share negative reviews as well. However, that’s far from the truth. If customers see your website and social media channels filled with positive reviews, they may think of them as a list of cherry-picked reviews or something left by bots. 

Hence, it is necessary to leave a few negative reviews. If you think you can genuinely improve upon your product or service within the short term, then share the negative reviews that highlight those flaws. You can also acknowledge those reviews when you promote them on your social media handles and say that you listen to your customers and are improving your product with the next batch or version. This helps you to win the trust of your existing and potential clientele. 

  1. Make the reviews credible – Like wine, all online reviews aren’t made equal. There may be quite a significant number of bad reviews that are placed by the competition to malign your product’s reputation and corrupt the review pool. It is important that you address concerns of genuine reviewers and purge out fake ones. 
  1. SEO Optimization – Your reviews don’t need to be restricted to social media channels; they can be on Google as well. You can optimize your website’s SEO to show reviews of your products. Moreover, that also helps to improve the user-generated-content on your website and improves your search engine rankings that can further increase your sales.


Web.com Reviews believes that you should implement the above-mentioned tips to increase your sales figures with the power of customer reviews. If done correctly, they can have a significant impact on your sales and show incredible results.

Louise Author