What are quarter mile times?

 Quarter mile times are a dragstrip facility where automobiles and motorcycles acceleration is done on drag racing. It is around 1320 feet 402 m drag track, is also called as a quarter mile, but there are also tracks that are 201 m in length, i.e., eighth-mile tracks.

In tests, the cars are measured their 0-60 time, and two runs will determine the test so that it can run on both directions to eliminate the factors of wind. There are a very few vehicles that stand on the auto states on the 0 to 60 Times are based upon 0-62 mph vehicle data instead of 0-60 miles per hour times. Likely less than 1% of the 0 to 60 times on this car site are in truth 0-62 mph times, which were mainly from numerous European resources.

0 to 60 times and also quarter mile auto statistics are figured out far and away of reputable vehicle authorities around the world. What most individuals do not understand concerning 0-60 times is that they are by no means specific scientific research. These trustworthy automobile sources may test a car one moment and also reach a different outcome at a later moment, regardless of going to excellent lengths to keep all the variables the same for each and every car velocity examination. An additional source examining the 0 to 60 times of the same vehicle, is virtually specific to arrive at a various 0 to 60 result for that luxury car, sports car, muscle car or whatever. This is since the second source to examine the car’s acceleration is not going to do their vehicle 0 to 60 test with the precise very same variables as the first one did.


The editors of 0 to 60 times made the decision to create a directory site of numerous cars, deluxe car, crossbreed auto, muscular tissue cars, classic car, exotic cars as well as import vehicle stats, which refers to just one 0 to 60 as well as quarter mile result per car. Although zero to 60 Times produced this automobile site in this prominent layout, it does not best mirror the viewpoint of the editors. The editor’s collective approach is that 0-60 times must be offered a lot more in regards to a variety of appropriate outcomes, as opposed to the prominent idea of equipping one limited 0-60 times result or quarter mile time.

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