What You Didn’t Know About Unattended Death Cleanup Detroit Michigan

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The term “unattended death” offers an explanation of itself just by the name alone. Many therefore understand that it means a situation whereby someone dies when there has been no one looking after him or her for a significant period of time. It thus follows that even after death; the body might still go unnoticed for another significant period of time. This poses a lot of problem to those who are related to the deceased and those living close by. An unattended death cleanup Detroit Michigan is generally more difficult than that of a regular death scene and here are a few factors that cause that.

  • Temperature Level of the Scene

This is another factor that really affects the condition of a dead body, especially an unnoticed one, and thus determines the amount of work that would be put towards cleaning up the scene. Where slightly high temperatures speed up the decaying process as it fosters the growth of bacteria, very low temperature does the contrary as it hinders the growth of the bacteria essential for breaking down the body’s cell.

  • Hoarding

More often than usual when a person dies unattended, it is found out that such people usually have a lot of debris and unimportant things lying around in the house. This adds to the overall unhygienic situation of the place and poses an extra challenge for whichever crew will handle the unattended death cleanup Detroit Michigan.

It could be that the deceased was suffering from a mental illness of some sort or just had a hard time keeping his surrounding clean due to being isolated. Whichever the case, the cleanup crew involved should be prepared to clean out spoiled foods from the fridges, clean up human or pet feces, dispose of a large amount or garbage amongst other things.

  • In The Case of a Homicide

Unattended death aren’t always from natural causes or some sort of sickness, sometimes it could be a murder case. While no one wants to have his or her relatives murdered, it is a possibility that is sadly many times the case. How a person is murdered can also determine how much of a cleanup job is required.

Contrary to popular belief, a shot to the chest is less likely to cause more blood stain than that of a shot to the head. In the case of the latter, there will likely also be a splatter of blood and bodily fluids. The type of gun and bullet used should also be put into consideration and so also is the distance between the shooter and the victim. The closer the shooter and the larger the size of the bullets and gun used, then the more blood that would be spilled all over and thus the more work for unattended death cleanup Detroit Michigan.

All these and many more are just some facts that the everyday man doesn’t know affect an unattended death scene. Well, now you know.

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