What you need to know about Metal and plastic chairs

Chairs are important elements in office furniture, which is why choosing them should not be a decision made lightly. Styles, prices and, above all, materials must be compared. One of the main questions in this regard is what will be better, Metal chairs(เก้าอี้ เหล็ก which is the term in Thai) or plastic seats? Basically, both are very functional and have similar advantages such as resistance to climatic conditions and their ease of cleaning, but they also have different characteristics: the former are usually more resistant and the latter more flexible in terms of variety of models, colors and styles .

Although plastic is not one of the most valued materials by interior designers and is usually popularly associated with low quality products, the reality is very different. This material is very popular today, very useful and can offer many advantages.

Plastic seats can be ideal for kitchens and combine very well with the rest of the decoration, as there are many styles. There are futuristic, classic, minimalist, etc., and most are characterized by maintaining a design of curved lines which gives them much comfort. In general, they usually have very bright colors, so they help create more relaxed and creative office environments.

Another place where plastic chairs are very useful is the outside. This material that resists weather conditions well, since it is waterproof, so it can withstand the deterioration of the sun and rain without spoiling. Placing plastic chairs on the terrace or in the office patio is very comfortable because, in addition, it is a very light material that allows its transportation very easily.

On the other hand, metallic materials, such as aluminum, are the most resistant and durable in the making of office furniture. Probably, when talking about this type of furniture, think only of lockers and desks, but the truth is that this material is flexible enough to create a wide variety of furniture with different styles.

Although this option is not usually the most comfortable, it is often mixed with other materials and finishes to create the perfect balance between resistance and ergonomics. In fact, plastic and metal chairs are very common in the market and you can find them of many types, whether for waiting, reception or training areas.

These two materials share many advantages: they are easy to clean and maintain, perfectly weatherproof, do not absorb moisture, are aesthetic and very durable.

Louise Author