Yes, We Offer Motorcycle Appraisal!


You don’t have to seek out a specialized motorcycle appraiser, which are few and far between. We offer motorcycle appraisal in addition to our custom car appraisal services. Our appraisers are trained in how to appraise a wide variety of vehicles, including custom motorcycles. You can protect your investment in your bike with an appraisal in a number of ways. For example, you can get the right insurance coverage, and an appraisal can help you purchase the right bike as well.

You’ve likely modified your bike in some way, and that is why it needs to be properly insured. An appraisal will tell you the true market value of your bike that takes into consideration everything from the engine to the frame, wheels, tires, aluminum and chrome plating, hidden air suspension, and more.

It cost you a lot of money to update your bike the way you wanted. Having the incorrect insurance coverage can cost you more in the long run if your bike is in an accident. You can get specialty coverage for your bike, and it’s common to do so. An appraisal can get you the right coverage for the right price. You should avoid having an insurance appraiser assign a value to your bike because they are probably not versed in how to value customizations on motorcycles, and they often end up assigning a value to your bike that isn’t accurate.

Your appraiser will inspect your bike in great detail, and they will use our comprehensive database of current comparable sales to assign an accurate market value to your bike. You can depend on the appraiser’s experience and expertise in considering all of your customizations and the effort and money you’ve put into your bike.

A motorcycle appraisal is also a good move if you want to buy a bike. The appraiser can note any damage that could make you walk away from a deal. You might also be able to use the same information to decrease the price of the bike in negotiations. The appraiser can also examine a bike for you in person if you live too far from it or you don’t feel comfortable giving the bike a closer examination yourself. This all saves you from having to take time off or work and traveling to the bike’s location.

When you need a motorcycle appraisal, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a custom appraisal to help you protect your investment.

Louise Author