10 Great Tips To Help You Become Google Photos Pro

Google hasn’t become a tech giant by accident. However, the largest multinational tech company is where it is now because they were always one step ahead. Today, we’re going to discuss one of their most efficient and useful products – Google Photos. Read on and find out some of the most important Google Photos tips and tricks.

Imagine you’re on a vacation and you’re running low on storage? No worries because Google Photos can be used to upload all your photos and safely download them once you’re home. However, there’s also a plethora of things you should know about Google Photos which may prove to be quite handy.

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10 Most Prominent Features of Google Photos

No.1.Back up all of Your Photos Automatically

You’ll want to save all of your photos, not just the ones that were taken with your camera. To enable Google Photos to back up & sync all photos, go to the app’s settings and under the ‘back up device folders’ option, select all folders you want automatically and continually synched. Since the backup process can drain your battery, under the ‘back up & sync option, you’ll need to select the option for backing up only when charging.

No.2.Select More Items at Once

The next item on our list of Google Photo tips is a time-saver. Namely, when you need to select a huge load of consecutive photos, all you need to do is highlight the first photo by pressing touching it and then, at one-go, drag your finger to select a group of images.

No.3.Restore Deleted Photos

If you’ve accidentally deleted an item from your Google Photos, select trash and restore the desired image. You’ll have 60 days until the photo is gone forever.

No.4.Download all of Your Photos

If you don’t want to come into a situation previously described, you can use Google Takeout and download all of your photos to your PC and Mac devices.

No.5.Hide Your Location

Although location service can be useful, you must be wary not to share it when you share images with others. To avoid that, select the ‘remove geolocation in items shared by link’ within the settings/sharing preferences menu and you’ll ensure location privacy when sharing items through a link.

No.6.Editing Photos

The next batch of our Google Photo tips will deal with editing and tweaking images. Namely, Photos is not only a storage but a useful photo editing tool. You can select the pencil icon while viewing an image to see which options are available besides basic features which include fine-tuning and cropping.

No.7.PhotoScan Your Old Photos

Download the PhotoScan app available for both Android and iOS devices and follow the instructions to get your old pictures into the modern Google Photos gallery.

No.8.Emoji Search

The intelligent search system enables you all sorts of useful stuff. You can search your images by name, event, or even an emoji. Go to the search bar and type in an emoji. A dog emoji will return all dog photos from your gallery. You probably won’t use this as much as you think but it’s a nice feature to have nevertheless.

No.9.Share Your Photos

If you’re tired of people swiping through your gallery when you gave them your phone to look at a single image? If you have a TV that has Chrome casting capability, show the photos you want on the big screen by selecting the cast icon in the upper right. You can select another photo to beam it or even make a slideshow.

No.10.Ask Google Assistant

Finally, at the end of this Google Photos tips list, if you need some help, you can always get assistance from Google. The Google Photos tips and tricks are numerous and most of them are quite useful. Inside the Photos’ Assistant tab, everything is generated automatically. From interesting animations and collages to highlight videos and a popular ‘on this day’ feature.

Final Summation

As you can see, Google Photos is not just another photo gallery. In fact, the list of additional features goes on and on and we only highlighted the most prominent ones. It’s safe to say that Google Photos is the safest way to back up and organize your photos and we hope the emphasized Google Photo tips will help you during the process.

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