3 ways to make your blog look fancy

Design is intrinsically a medium of presentation; some rules or at least principles apply. With this in mind, remember that there are three ways to make your blog look fancy. One is fonts; the other is a great theme, while using images or videos in your content is important, too. 

Web fonts are one of the quickest ways to make your site look distinctive, modern, and less cheap. You also need to create great content and embed content that is relevant and engaging. But fonts are just one of the ways this is done. Rather you need to look at your blog from a holistic way so that you can offer it a comprehensive design overhaul. 

In 2020, the foundation of your blog especially if you are using WordPress is to ensure that you get the correct theme installed. This can be done quite easily; however, make sure you do some research with regard to getting the right theme that fits your niche.







Caption: Choose your fonts carefully 

One huge advantage that WordPress does have is that it has the most amount of plugins on offer like a comments system. Fonts and content will make up the foundation of your blog in terms of looking good. It makes sense to get quite social as well. This might seem like a no-brainer, but add a Pin It button to your blog site. It encourages readers to pin your images to their Pinterest boards, giving you a whole new audience when your readers’ followers see the pin. 

The best tip for blogging is applicable to social media too: be consistent! Just like you want to have a consistent content calendar for your blog, it’s important to consistently post to your social media accounts as well. The actual fact here is that since 2020 is all about being visual, you need to make sure you use visually great content. While stock images do make sense, it would be better to curate some visually enrapturing photographs for the long term.

Diagram link: https://www.dafontfree.io/sometimes-fancy-signature-font/

Louise Author