What do you do when your home that is supposed to be your one sure place of comfort becomes a health hazard for you and your family? Where do you run to when a serious mold infestation makes your home no longer safe for living? Well before you have to start considering getting mold remediation services, here are 5 places in your home you need to check regularly to avoid an infestation of these unwanted micro-organisms.

  • The Carpets

This is a very large area to consider if you are using a concrete floor. A carpet covered concrete floor would naturally create moisture after some time. This moisture can eventually find its way into the carpets and thus make them the perfect spot for mold to thrive. This can be avoided though, but how?

Simply make sure you keep your carpet clean always. Remember to vacuum at least once a week, but if your carpet is already smelling funny or feels damp, then you would probably need to do more than clean it. This is because it might already be harboring mold and you would need to call on professional mold remediation service to help you get rid of them completely.

  • The Wallpaper

Carpets are to floors as wallpapers are to walls, and when it comes to molds, it applies to them all. Just as you should be conscious of your floor, you must also pay equal attention to your walls as well especially when they are covered.

When you have reason to believe that wallpaper might be compromised by mold growth, it is best you remove it completely and replace them. Word of caution though, if you are certain of a serious mold infestation beneath your wallpaper, then you should abstain from removing the wallpaper yourself.  You must call for professional mold remediation service as these ones are in the best place to contain any further spread, eliminate the trespassing organism and fully decontaminate the affected area.

How can you prevent it all in the first place though? Make sure to use quality adhesive when applying the wallpaper so as to get rid of all air bubbles that are between the wallpaper and the wall. Also, refrain from applying wallpapers in areas that are exposed to high humidity.

  • The Attic

Most people know that mold is more likely to grow in places that are dark, dank and stuffy. This sounds very much like the definition of many-an-attic, especially if there is a water leak in the house. This means that it is imperative you check out the attic regularly and ensure that there are enough air vents in order to improve air circulation.

You must also check out your roof whenever there is a storm to ensure that no damage has been done and thus no leak present.

  • The Chimney

Yes, you shouldn’t ignore this part of the house as it is also a perfect spot for mold growth if not properly taken care of. This is because it might admit a lot of water whenever there is rain or snow, and you know by now that molds need little more to survive.

If this is the case, it means that your chimney is not properly covered at the top. Fix that and there’s a ninety percent chance that your chimney will be free from these harmful microorganisms.

Mold infestation is no joke and it is best you get a handle on any mold growth within your house before it gets severe and you and your family have to face any consequences. call for professional mold remediation service today and keep living in good health.

Louise Author