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When a death occurs, it is a very difficult situation, especially for those who are most closely impacted by it. The practical consideration of cleaning up the scene must be considered, but they are not the people who should do the job. That is why we partner with community agencies and local authorities to provide the best death cleanup service Boston Massachusetts offers.

We clean up after all types of death. We have particular experience cleaning up homicide, suicide, and traumatic death scenes. These types of passings often involve blood spills. When a body is left to decompose for some time, they release bodily fluids. The blood and bodily fluids are dangerous because they contain pathogens that can be harmful to people’s health. Viruses and bacteria can infect them if they come into contact with the blood or fluids and can cause disease.

Each of our technicians is certified to manage biohazardous situations. They know how to properly handle, remove, transport, and discard biohazardous materials as well as how to properly disinfect every square inch of the scene of the death. They adhere to strict government regulations regarding the cleanup of biohazardous situation to ensure that the risk of infection to themselves, our clients, and the general public is minimized.

When an unattended death occurs, we are called in to help. The decomposition process can cause not only the release of bodily fluids but also an unpleasant odor. When decomposition happens in warm climates and when the weather turns warmer, this is often the case. We deodorize in addition to sanitizing when we clean unattended death scenes.

One of our main goals is to return the scene of a death to its previous state, but we can’t always do that. If an item is too contaminated by blood or another bodily fluid, then it must be discarded. This allows for the restoration of the space with new and safe materials without the worry that pathogens will still be present in the area.

We work to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, and we’re sensitive to the deep emotions they are working through. We respect their properties by arriving within an hour of being called, and finishing cleaning within a few hours in most cases. We work discreetly and never sacrifice quality for speed. When you need the best death cleanup service Boston Massachusetts offers, please get in touch. We look forward to being of assistance.

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