CBD Pets as Part of Medical Treatment

Cannabis sativa plant originated from East Asia is the source of the chemical called cannabidiol or known as (CBD). In some places it is known as marijuana. It is composed of almost 80 chemicals but cbd is the most known because it is used for medication. 

Although it originated in Asia some countries under this continent prohibited the use of cannabis and even considered it as illegal drugs. In western countries cannabis is legalized in recreational and medical use. Countries that approved the use in medication are Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, USA, Greece, United Kingdom and many more.

Cannabis benefits in medical

Those countries that treated cannabis as illegal are maybe not aware of the positive effects it may give to our body especially if taken in a proper dosage and purpose. Some effects may include a relaxing feeling, increased appetite, focus and creativity. In medical use cannabis is useful in many ways such as:

  • Help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It is partly used to relieve pain for cancer patients.
  • Help reduce anxiety. Anxiety disorder patients are treated with cbd to help them feel relaxed. CBD is also used not only for humans but also for animals like dogs and cats. Oil from cbd pets can lessen the aggression caused by anxiety attacks. There are various cbd pets products that you can buy online according to your specification.
  • Cancer chemotherapy can cause nausea and vomiting so doctors use cannabis or part of it to lessen or control the effect of chemotherapy.
  • Researchers state that cannabis or CBD can lower the growth of cancer cells and possibly kill it.
  • Loss of appetite and weight is common for cancer and AIDS patients, so the use of cannabis may help stimulate it.

Though the use of cannabis is scientifically proven effective, always bear in mind that too much use is always hazardous. It is better to consult professionals all the time before using it. Take note that professionals approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes not for selfish and unknown reasons. 

In medication, ask your doctor every time you use cannabis. Why? Because there is always designated dosage for every sort of disease. It is also based on your body tolerance. It may give you positive or negative effects, so be cautious and be aware of it. Before taking or approving the medication take time to know more about cannabis.

Recreational use of cannabis

Some people either use cannabis in a recreational way. They use it as a relaxing pill. Some also use it just to increase their appetite or mood. People find different ways to take it. They even include it in some recipes. Others use it as a cigarette reliever. Applying it on skin or using it as lotion is one other way.

But still be mindful. Everything that is too much may not be good for your body. So be responsible in every way you use cannabis or any related chemical to avoid deeper consequences.\


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