Countries That Allow You To Stay Anonymous After You Win The Lottery

As the jackpot prize in Powerball and Mega Millions keep on soaring, ticket buyers daydream on what to do if ever they win. Indeed, there are lottery winners who love to bask in the winner spotlight. However, some would love to keep their identity private after winning the lottery.

Most Winners tend to ask the question: “Do I have to go public if I win the lottery?” The answer to this is depending on the country where you live. Your government dictates whether you can stay anonymous or not.

Winning a huge amount of money can have risks. As such, the topic of anonymity is very important for the winners. Some players don’t experience any difficulties after the unwanted attention. However, there are a few cases where the personal life of the winners have been compromised.

When your identity has been splashed on online media or newspapers, long-lost acquaintances and relatives will come suddenly asking for a handout. You can also be targeted by the criminals and subject you to harm. As such, it is always safe to keep your identity a secret after you win the jackpot. This is possible depending on where you live.

Australia and New Zealand 

Lottery winners in data Sidney Australia and New Zealand have the choice to go anonymous or go public. The lottery officials in Australia would always encourage the winners to remain private.

They recommend the winners of data Sidney to keep the news within their friends and family only. They say that they are unlikely to exploit the winner with their new fortune. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, 99.5% of the winners decide to remain anonymous too, unlike in the United Kingdom.  


To make all transactions transparent, all lottery winners are required to go public. All the winners are required by law to have a photoshoot regardless of which Canadian lottery they join. Their face, name, and address are made public. When you buy a Canadian ticket, you also agree to participate in a publicity campaign for the government.  

The United Kingdom and London 

Lottery games like UK Lottery, Thunderball, and EuroMillions allow the winners to publicly declare their winnings or to remain anonymous. With this, you can avoid photo shoots and press conferences without hiring a lawyer to form a trust.

However, many lotto players in the UK choose to go public instead of staying anonymous. They would rather deal with the publicity than to constantly hide from the public eye.  

United States of America 

Out of the 50 states in America, only seven of them allow the lottery jackpot winners to stay anonymous. These are Kansas, Delaware, North Dakota, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas, and Ohio. Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Colorado, you are allowed to claiming your prize through trust. A lawyer will do this on your behalf.

In Oregon and Illinois, you can only keep your identity anonymous only if you can prove that there is a risk of harm against you once you go public.

Louise Author