Disadvantages Associated with Verification and Recommendation Sites

Initially, hiring online services was so easy and sure as there were very few sites available. Regulation of their operations was easy, hence all the sites were verified. You needed not worry about you being scammed and your information falling in the hands of third parties.

In the recent past however, the case has been different. Many technological advancements have been realized and more people have been able to create their own websites. Businesses, personal brands and blogs have moved into the online marketplace. This has resulted into there being more fake sites.

As a result of this, some companies have come up with verification and recommendation sites services. Their main objective is to guide people on sites from which to hire their services. Their services have proved to be helpful as most people have been able to identify 안전놀이터. Access of online sites has been easy again.

These sites have however been associated with some drawbacks. Among these drawbacks are:

  • Increase in Partnered crimes

This is where one site claims to verify and recommend websites to people. Since there are few of these in the market, people tend to trust them but end up being scammed.

For example: Site X claims to offer verification and recommendation services. The site happened to have a partnership with Web Y, whose main objective is scam people. Person A comes to purchase some merchandise. Since he is not well conversant with the online marketplace, he asks for recommendation from Site X. Site X being in partnership with Web Y, directs Person A to the latter and he ends up being scammed.

  • Unawareness

It is so unfortunate for the verification and recommendation sites that most people are not aware of their services. Internet users keep suffering from frauds, scams and cyber predators each day, and have no one to guide them accordingly.

If awareness among members of the public would be created then, more of them would get a knowledge of these services. Then, cyber-crimes would be minimized and better services offered to the people.

  • Inability to discern fake from real sites

As much as these verification and recommendation sites are using modern technology, it is still a challenge for them to tell apart false from real accounts. There are sites which could provide all required documents yet they happen to be fake.

Unless the recommendation sites are working with regulatory authorities or other verification authorities to determine this, they will still be tricked. The problem comes in where they recommend a site to potential users and the site ends up being a scam.

Users tend to lose trust in them and their reputation is destroyed. On the other hand, they could be sued and charged for misrepresentation and misleading the public.

Conclusion Yes! Verification and recommendation sites are reliable but there could be challenges too. If you are planning to have one, there are tens of benefits that you could acquire. Apart from that, there are drawbacks too. You ought to be aware of these, hence the need to go through this article.

Louise Author